A case of misplaced sympathy

Sanjay Dutt: A case of misplaced sympathy by Prasad RekapalliAt last, Sanjay Dutt has paid the price for the offence he committed some 20 years ago. He claimed he was innocent but possessed deadly weapons like AK56 for his personal safety.  How many similar celebrities do acquire an AK56 for self-defense? How many of us go to an underworld don and buy AK56 for personal safety?  The suffering of Sanjay Dutt over the last 20 years, as mentioned by Justice Katju, pending trial is nothing peculiar and is by no means an isolated instance.

Every accused on bail or spending time in jail pending trial goes through a similar experience of protracted mental agony.  Almost every accused has a family affected by the outcome of the trial. Almost every accused has professional obligations. Sanjay Dutt may have been young at the material time but he was certainly no child and should have known better than do what he had done.

The sympathy for Sanjay Dutt is totally misplaced. Sanjay Dutt’s celebrity status does not make any difference and does not warrant any different treatment. Let us not forget that Sanjay Dutt has spent a good part of the last 20 years out on bail acting in films, earning money, and taking care of his family – a privilege that most accused do not enjoy even in smaller cases.

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