Hope. The moment you hear it, it brightens you up inside. It feels like that last candle that can light up the entire room. Hope is something that can be spread even if only one person has it at first. Hope is what keeps us going.

Every one of us has a struggle in our life. Something we have gone through or are going through. Our hope for it to end, our hope for something better keeps us going.

We hear about people with minimum resources excelling in their life hear about their steps to success. What must have motivated them? Their powerless and vulnerable conditions? Yes. But more importantly the fire within them, the hope within them. The hope for a better future, for a successful future, a better life. This hope got them their dream job. In fact this hope gets people their dreams.

Students hope to top their class. Workers hope for an increase wage. Employs hope for a bonus. Everyone hopes for something. This hope is what makes them work harder every time. It gives a meaning, a purpose, to not let go. If someone is sick or suffering their relatives and friends hope that they get well soon.

Too much of anything is not good. And similarly hoping for the best while not helping it happen is useless. That is simply hoping too much. And it’s disappointing. Hoping to top without studying will only disappoint you. Hoping to win the race without practicing earlier will not help. Hope and hard work go together. They always have.

Man hoped of flying a long time ago, worked hard and the inventions started coming up. Without the hard work the hope to flying would never have become a reality. Hoping for everything in your life to automatically becoming right won’t help you unless you take steps for changing it.

Hope is a beautiful thing. But hoping too much is not. It’s is like any other drug. Just like in limited amounts a drug can be medicinal and in excess it can harm us. Similarly hope can harm us. Too much of hoping and not doing can make us feel useless and really bad. It affects our decision making as we think that we won’t be able to do it. It makes us doubt ourselves.

We forget our abilities and just simply sit in one place and hope that someone will come along and make our life better. But it is our life and we ourselves can make it better. Others can help us out here and there. But at the end we have to make the effort.

You can hire the best tutors to help you top your exams but you have to contribute yourself.  You can buy the best canvas, the best paint and the best brushes but unless you start making an effort; you won’t create a masterpiece. A masterpiece does not need all that. It need your time and energy. The way you do it doesn’t really matter. What you do and its outcome does.

[Written by Sara Jain]

Sprightly Spirit

About Sprightly Spirit

“I dare do all that may become a man. Who dares more is none”. And all, may be. It may be the vigor. Or the spirit. Or the courage to avoid being “politically correct” or bent. And, ban all averse with immaculate overture of graciously fathomable words firm in views. Subtle. Justifying the undying conscience. Values. Knowledge. And, dares to stay true. True to own. True to the world. And, to the words. With a dream in eyes it exists. In you. In me. In all. The sprite that never shies away. The spirit that never dies!


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