Book Review Policy

Spectralhues welcomes authors and publishers to submit their books for unbiased reviews which will be published on our website .

Mission –

We believe that books makes life more beautiful. But one never should judge a book by its cover. So, We Read, We Evaluate, We Review.

By doing this, we hope to read a lot more and also motivate people around us to read more.

Before submitting your novel, you should go through our rules and regulations.

  1. By contacting us, you give us the right for unbiased review. We have full rights to critique or praise the novel, which would always be genuine. If you can’t accept this, please don’t submit your book here.
  2. We accept books only in paperbacks or hardcover. We accept eBooks too.
  3. We cannot guarantee the time frame within which the review will be published. But final time frame in which review of your book will be published on our website will be decided by reviewer. We will do our best to review books within the stipulated time we have promised to author/publisher and if due to some reasons none of the reviewers can review it, we’ll try our best to notify the sender.
  4. Book accepted by us for review will be reviewed for sure. We assure you, the best review for your book would be delivered to you, and you can expect an unbiased review.

How to contact us –  

Are you an author of a new book and looking for reviews of your book? You’ve landed at the right place! We Read, We Evaluate, We Review. Drop us a email at or fill up the form given below and We will revert back to you within 48 hours and we’ll tell you where to mail copies of your book for honest, genuine and unbiased review. Thank you!!!

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