About Twenty Love Poems: And A Song Of Despair

Alfred Prufrock writes to Joyeeta!

Dear Ashman Chowdhury Joyeeta,

‘Who do we look up to in times of distress?’ I often search myself by asking this question. I ask myself – ‘Is there a greater God somewhere up there?’ ‘Shall we look up to him?’ And then I realize, in times of distress, we should always look within.

Who would have thought that 5 years would be so memorable, so poignant! Looking within ourselves, we found love. And talking about love, yes, it has been one heck of a journey! We have had everything, well almost everything, to ourselves all this while. Our moments, our joys, our pains, our separation, our unison, it has been a journey of myriad hues!

Let’s not waste this journey searching for words! My favorite poem here for you… Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky / Like a patient etherized upon a table… Let us just go and enjoy the journey. Let us not waste our effort in trying to define moments, define relations and replace the overwhelming silence with grim words. Having you here as a part of my life has been a blessing and I would not try to define that through words!

A lot has happened in these past 5 years. And if I quote you, we are now a conscious part of many correlated worlds. Our conscious decisions have created a perfect ambiance for us; we are in a space where there’s harmony and love in a co-existing fashion! And yet, I find it reassuring that even in such a peaceful time, I have your company too to cherish. I remember your eyes, your voice, your smile, your lips, all the conversations we shared, all the songs we reminisced and I realize what your constant companionship means.

Do we continue travelling together? Shall we be in touch forever? I don’t know! I don’t care! You are my Neera! You are Bonolota Sen! I don’t care what the future holds for me. This hand has touched you once; this hand has touched you forever.

Your voice brought back today many melancholic memories of a girl I know. Thank you for all the memories Love! Let this dance continue. Amen!

Your good-for-nothing fellow!

prufrock23**image courtesy:  http://julianpeterscomics.com/page-1-the-love-song-of-j-alfred-prufrock-by-t-s-eliot/
** title inspired by Pablo Neruda’s Twenty Love Poems: And A Song Of Despair
**first published in SankyOnline.blogspot.in

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