The Unbeatable Youth: Protest and Peace Rally for a Fighter!

“Sarfaroshi kee tamanna ab humaare dil mei hai

Dekhna hai zor kitna bazu-e-katil mei hai”

Yes the youth of Faridabad city came on the roads to protest against the system, the administration and against the inhumanly rape of Delhi, chanting these lines.

Protest and Peace Rally at Faridabad I was witnessing the Protest Rally against the brutal Delhi Gang Rape, organized by the youth of different schools of Faridabad. The rally started sharp at 4:00p.m. and it was a pleasant surprise to see the boys marching in huge number with the girls. The anger of the youth leapt like uncontrolled flame. Just then someone shouted, “This is Haryana, so we must first think of Haryana- let the Punjab people think of Punjab and so on”. I was dumbstruck and wanted to retaliate but before I could say anything, a boy shouted, “We are Indians and want our girls safe all over the world”. This time my heart welled up with pride! Half the battle against injustice was already won with the youth knowing their responsibility.

Faridabad protest march against Delhi gang rapeBut then at the same time I was forced to contemplate while marching ahead with them, ‘Where are we going wrong? Why are we breeding animals in guise of humans? Who is responsible for it? Mental marathon is being done by many thinkers, philosophers on this and  ‘parents’ and  ‘school’ are being ‘zeroed at’ as the answer for the same. It is believed that the parents and the teachers should nurture the minds of the children in a positive way, so we do not breed criminals. If the guardians are abusive and are continuously torturing women at home naturally the children will also learn all this!  In India this kind of environment is very common, as Himani Mittal of Nach Baliye of Sector 14, Faridabad says, “I came for the Protest Rally because I somehow feel that there are many more Damini’s who are dying and being tortured everyday”.

 But it is believed that the guardians too sometimes fail in streamlining their children. What about those who are school dropouts- who do not listen to their parents? What about such people? I too was  little stuck up to find the answer, but today’s Street Play against injustice gave me my answer- There are so many N.G.O’s in India, many are run by government aid. These N.G.O’s can come up with such plays to guide and enlighten people- such people who never go to school. This evening I saw how masses respond to such plays and dramas..

Faridabad protest march for justiceBut the most important thing is this that the daughters of this country have to lead a fearless life! We have to make the administration realise that we do not want any more of this sh**.  I am sorry for this language but it is high time the administration and police realise that such incidents are not mere incidents. It is high time the various political parties fighting on issues like ‘Reservation’ etc fight to amend the constitution so the daughter of India- The Fighter Damini, gets her justice! Justice, so that any Rapist before committing such heinous crimes would think twice that they could be hanged for their vile and animal play in city of humans! Or at least castrated as many of the students this evening demanded!

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Rashmi Singh

About Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh is an author, columnist, counsellor, painter, personality development advisor and an educationist. She has been in the field of education from past twenty five years. She started her career as a class teacher of Std. VIth in a CBSE school where she taught almost all subjects. She has taught English to 12th graders in many renowned schools of India. She has been also the Vice Principal and Headmistress of few very good schools. As an author she has given 7 books to the literary world. Ex Headmistress of Tagore Public School, Palwal, Ms Singh is currently the Headmistress of Delhi International School, Greater Faridabad.


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