“Iss Hamam mei hum sab nange hai!” – By Rashmi Singh

Too much ‘hulla gulla’ has been made and is being made about the current political scenario of India. The recent Lok Sabha Election’s popularity has even left the ‘cricket passion’ way behind! From behenjis to bhaijis everyone has either voted or wants to vote. Though many however do not know what this election is all about! When asked a ‘sabziwala’ says, “Arrey President toh Modi hee Hoga Na!” I gaped at him. ‘President! Oh God! What will happen of this desh!’

election 2014 copy Another maid of my Society was talking to someone, “Bhiaya yeh Modi hee aayege?” Out of curiosity, I intervened, “Indu, have you voted?” She smiled dolefully. “Arrey Madam jee, humara voter Id nahi hai na! Log kehte hai Komputer se banega lekin abhi toh mera aadhar card bhi nahi bana hai!”

I was quiet. I had no words. A person who is not having any basis of existence is too making comments on the ‘political scenario.” But I could not stop myself from further asking her some more questions. (My daughter really gets irritated on this habit of mine- stopping anywhere and talking to anyone and consequently landing into trouble- thankfully she wasn’t with me!) “Then how do you know Modi will come?” She looked at me and laughed and I felt a fool again. “Sab keh rhe hai- sab bak rahe hai!” She went ahead shouting. “Does it make any difference to us who comes to power and who doesn’t? Our situation would be the same!”

She went ahead shouting and quietened me for a while but the election fever had gripped me badly. I saw the caretaker of my Society wearing the ‘Aam admi party topi’ I called him and asked, “So AAP?” He looked at me and laughed. “I got this topi free of cost. Protects me from the sun! Achha lag raha hu na?” I too smiled at him and thought of not asking this question again from anyone. My daughter was correct!

Narendra Modi Cartoon copyBut soon forgot the promise made to myself and asked my driver, mota-chota, pehlwaan, “Voted?” He said driving monotonously, “Yes.” I was inquisitive. “Kisko?” He didn’t smile but replied. “I voted for Congress.”

I was stunned as the other day he was saying no one will come to power except Modi and today he went and voted for some other party. He had reasons- his tau wanted him to do so. Public is either ignorant or clever! Whatever it maybe but the scene at the Polling Booths were definitely very peaceful.

After casting my vote, I saw some comments on Facebook, there were heated discussion going on amongst the ‘Buddhijeevis’. Most were divided between Modi and Kejriwal! ‘Where is the Congress Party? Has it gone to Robert Vadera’s I lac to 300 crores’ kitty or to Rahul’s cradle? As Modi has commented,’ I mused.

Congress supporters on fb were back lashing and saying that Modi is a killer and ironically Mulayam Singh Yadav too opines the same. But Mulayam ji has to himself peep into his own deeds. Has he any idea of the rising number of rapes and murder in Uttar Pradesh?

I feel, actually people are easily blaming and calling Kejriwal a Bhagoda as akshatevinces copythey are not afraid of his skills- he does not have criminal records after all! To call any other politician ‘any name’ they would think twice! Lest their family goes underground forever! Who knows? Remember Shiv Shena’s activists’ attack in Mumbai on the homes and offices of two innocent girls who made some innocent comments on Facebook? “But we can’t vote for Kejriwal!” says one of my students. On being asked why he thinks so, he replies innocently, “He didn’t keep our trust- this is what our parents say.”

Oh! So the scene is clear, people want a change- a vacation from their dreary life and hence they are voting! They are voting for a change! They are fed up with the same ‘Governmental’ dish and want to taste some other syrupy ‘Governmental’ dish which soothes their burning throats! Crimes, rapes, murders, kidnapping and road accidents are increasing- Economy is messed but the main aim of the public is to change and see what happens! I am also a common man and I too want to see what happens in the coming 5 years!

rashmi singh 1Results still have to be declared but public almost knows what is going to happen? Who will probably come to power! The only thing the public doesn’t know is this-if the reservation (quota system) will be reverted or not, their children will come back home safely from schools and colleges or not, and mehngai kee mar khatm hogi ya nahi?’!

Jai Ho Democracy! Iss hamam mei sab nan** hai! All the politicians are fighting tooth and nail to come to the power- Begging to become Barons! But must say it involves each and every person of this desh what if they think that the election for President is going on. Does it matter?

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Rashmi Singh

About Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh is an author, columnist, counsellor, painter, personality development advisor and an educationist. She has been in the field of education from past twenty five years. She started her career as a class teacher of Std. VIth in a CBSE school where she taught almost all subjects. She has taught English to 12th graders in many renowned schools of India. She has been also the Vice Principal and Headmistress of few very good schools. As an author she has given 7 books to the literary world. Ex Headmistress of Tagore Public School, Palwal, Ms Singh is currently the Headmistress of Delhi International School, Greater Faridabad.


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