Disrupt and Conquer by Sandhya Mendonca & T.T. Jagannathan

Indian author Sandhya Mendonca along with Tamil conglomerate TT Jagannathan deciphers an innovative thought that business is matter of profession by choice and not by demography. There is a say “Where, there is a will, there is a way.” He happens to be the inheritor of bankrupt TTK group which was founded by T.T  Krishnamachari who later on holds portfolios of finance, industry and commerce for near about 15 years.

What makes this story most interesting is that TT Jagannathan is a happy-go-lucky kind of person, who bears least idea about family business and liabilities. At the beginning he has a stoic and indifferent mentality towards business. He comes to this capricious profession without any mental understanding and preparation, he does not undergo any management training or betides any accountable experience in business specimen. This is a story of a journey that breaks the long hurdles of rivalry, business challenges and thereby establishes pillars of success in a round-robin way.

This great patron takes the charge of the prestigious TTK group on 1972 while he was pursuing a flamboyant academic career. At that time, the business was striving badly on huge mountain of debt of 14 Cr, with no proper mode of operational service. It takes 28 long, struggling, striving, tenacious years to bring his ancestral business back in proper shape and wisdom.

How does an young aspirant cum entrepreneur makes an emotive manoeuvre to promote one’s business from the potholes of bankruptcy to the covetous 450 US Dollar property? This story sights the proof of TT Jagannathan’s  wonderful expertise .

The moral of the story will bring the beautiful memoirs of Tagore’s Gitanjali – “Where the tireless, striving stretches his arms towards perfection.”

So before the bookstores run out of stock, go and get a copy of your own as early as possible.

Book Details:

Author: Sandhya Mendonca & T.T. Jagannathan
Publisher: Penguin Books Year of Publishing: 2018
ISBN-13: 9780670090174 ISBN-10: 0670090174
Cover: Hardcover No. of Pages: 232
MRP: Rs. 599 Buy From: Flipkart.com
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