Calling Sehmat by Harinder Sikka

Harinder Sikka, the Ex-Lieutenant Commander in Indian Navy maneuvers a sprightly spirit of patriotism while deciphering his debutant novel ‘Calling Sehamat’. The aspiring author ushers story of a young Kashmiri girl called Sehamat who leaves no stone unturned in fulfilling the last wish of his dying Muslim father to play the role of a spy in unleashing Pakistan’s military movements during 1971(Bangladesh’s freedom movement).  

The entire book is itself a flashback story which recoils back from Sehamat’s dying posture with the Indian flag being held at the right hand to a situation where she is dancing with the beats of Radha-Mira saga’s love towards Lord Krishna at a dance competition while a nail pierces through her leg and starts bleeding. Sehamat is accustomed to certain Hindu culture and custom, her mother being a Hindu.

The story speaks of role-ambiguity. Despite belonging to a family of Indian freedom fighters Sehamat marries a son of Pakistani military personnel as per her father’s dying wish. But for any woman it is quite tedious to surpass the emotional turmoil of conjugal relationship for the sake of patriotism. Sehamat’s role is too tough to handle as she has to deal with person and camouflages with people who are against her patriotic perception.

The story speaks of how a Kashmiri girl sacrifices her life and conjugal virtues in the interest of the country. She single-handedly abrogates Pakistan’s military movements while informing its every nitty-gritty to her Indian counterpart thus saving hundreds of Indian army. The most valuable is the movement of Pakistan’s naval movement (Gazi) towards INS Vikrant.  Every nation must feel proud for this kind of patriotism. The book becomes so famous that later on the story is adopted for a Bollywoood movie Raazi starring Alia Bhatt playing the role of Sehamat.

Read this book to feel the zeal of patriotism. So go and grab your copy today.

Book details :-

Author: Harinder Sikka
Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd Publishing year: 2018
ISBN-13: 9780143442301 ISBN-10: 0143442309
Cover: Paperback Pages: 256
MRP: Rs. 299 Buy From
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