Intel Kaby Lake Processor News and Updates: Leaked Benchmark Scores Promise Faster Than Ever processor


Intel has been donning the headlines for quite a while now. And that is for the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake processor which is promised to be one of the fastest chips ever produced by Intel. In fact, the latest leaked image from Geekbench has revealed that it is definitely going to be one of the formidable forces in the world of PCs and laptops as far as the processors are concerned.

Coming to the scores that the upcoming Kaby Lake processor has managed to get in the benchmark tests is quite staggering. In the single-core testing, it has got 5137 points. When this score of the upcoming Core i3-7350 is pitted against the rating of the older versions the hike in the points tally is made visible quite clearly. It has a 15 per cent hike in the scores as far as the scores of the overclocked 4th generation i5-4670K in the similar benchmark testing. When the score is compared with the score of the Skylake i5 processor, the hike is even more. It is about 28 per cent.


Leaked image from Geekbench reveals the high scores that Intel Kaby Lake processor has got in both the single-core and multicore testing

Also in the multi-core tests, the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake processor has fared quite decently. It has scored 10048 points. Even in this section, the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake processor has outshone the previous Intel processors handsomely. The i5-6700 and i5-4670K processors had the scores of 9982 and 10036 when they were put on tests in the benchmark testing which quite evidently fall short of the score achieved by the Core i3-7350K processor.

However, for the time being, people will have to wait for the official unveiling of the Intel Kaby Lake processor. Reports have come in that it will come out on the market in the month of January in 2017. And it has been touted to be one of the fastest chips ever produced by Intel. In fact, it could well be the answer from Intel to the Zen processor from AMD which has grabbed the attention of many experts. Besides all the scores it has also been revealed that the Intel Kaby Lake processor has got two cores, four threads and 4 MB of L3 cache running at 4.20GHz on Windows 1064-bit.

However, all the speculations have started to go high up. But all these rumours are subject to confirmation. And these approvals can be made only when the Intel Kaby Lake processor comes out officially on the market. Till then the wait for the Core i3-7350K processor from Intel must on going.

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