India is ranked 20th in the Latest Released Climate Change Performance Index


Climate Change has been the biggest talk of this era. And there are lots of initiatives taken to prevent the climate change. However, nothing much has been done till now. The latest ranking produced by Germanwatch on the basis of Climate Change Performance Index, India has got the 20th position among all the nations in the world. And experts have commented that it is great stuff on behalf of India to hold such a rank.

The Climate Change Performance Index is released by Germanwatch. The Climate Change performance Index (CCPI) is measured according to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the 58 nations across 5 continents. The CCPI is released by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe. The Germanwatch is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose main motto is to take notice and gather information regarding the all the mal-effects that are imposed on nature due to industrial developments and many other ways. Climate Action Network is an umbrella group of environmental NGOs and it remains the most active in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) publishing a daily letter under the title “ECO” representing the views of green NGO community.


The Climate Change Performance Index ranks India at the 20th spot

According to CCPI released lately by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network, India is ranked at the 20th spot, and it shows the fact clearly that India is making real progress in the field of renewable energy and energy proficiency. It is a real good news for a developing country like India. Other developing countries like South Africa and Morocco are also making good progress. In fact, Morocco has managed to make more progress towards the top 5 countries and is currently placed at the eighth spot. Brazil and Argentina have also made some good progress.

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The publication reported, “Morocco (rank eight) continued its upward trend. With massive investments in renewable energy and ambitious mid-term and long-term targets, Morocco is a frontrunner in Africa. Positive trends are seen as well among emerging economies of G20 like India (rank 20), Argentina (36) and Brazil (40), which all improved their ranking.”

On the front of the climate policy, India has managed to hold on to its previous position alongside Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway and Germany. However, India is one of the ten largest carbon dioxide emitting countries although per capita emissions are comparatively lower than many other nations. It is reported that “All countries are now expected to put forward national emissions reduction plans, and the G20 countries have to take a leading role in doing so by 2018. Although, India belongs to the ten largest CO2 emitting countries, per capita emissions are still relatively low, resulting in a good performance in this category.”

Canada (55), Australia (57) and Japan (60) are the big names which are listed towards the end of the list of the countries having a good climate policy. Experts have criticised Japan government’s climate policy, and consequently, Japan has dropped two places to hold the 60th position. However, in this climate policy, the Indians as well the Indian government has been praised by the experts for developing various renewable prospects.

The best news came in the end from Jan Burck from Germanwatch, who is also a key author of the CCPI. He has commented that things are looking good, for the global energy revolution in full swing at the moment and it hasn’t been better than this before. “Due to the falling costs of renewable energy and efficiency technologies, national governments have no more excuses not to enshrine the Paris Agreement into national law. Besides the vast development of renewable energy, we see positive signals that fossil fuels increasingly are put on the defence. So far, falling oil prices did not cause an increase in demand for the energy source while a growing number of countries are starting to turn their backs on coal,” he said.

As it stands now, in a venture to make this world a beautiful place to live in and preserve everything as it has been, all the nations have joined hands. And in that venture, India has been making a significant contribution. Good news for the Indians and the Indian government as well, isn’t it?

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