Here’s what we all need to know about nontouring

We’ve all heard about contouring, but what is nontouring? Is this beauty trend going to completely replace contouring and stay in the world of beauty forever? Well, that only time can tell.


What is nontouring exactly?

Nontouring is basically applying a very light base, just enough to cover any dark spot or pigmentation, which is complemented by a very light contour and lots of highlight.

This is the latest way to achieve the no makeup make up look. The best part about this is that you can totally achieve this look with amateur makeup skills and with less than five products.


How to nontour?



Prep and prime your face with a really good primer. The primer makes sure your delicate pores don’t clog and the makeup glides on your skin. The primer is an essential step you wouldn’t want to miss.


Next up, correct all the areas you feel need correction. If you’re going for a really low coverage, which is the most ideal for summers, use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. If not, you can always rely on your colour correctors and concealers.


This is the real deal. All of us, makeup amateurs can rejoice because this is as easy as 1..2..3. All you have to do is grab your bronzer and contour your face ever so slightly. Bronze up your cheekbones, jawline and forehead with a bronzer just one shade darker than your natural complextion. Make sure the contour is almost not visible.


Here comes the fun part. To give your face that dewy, glowly look, highlight your contour, cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose and mid-forehead with your favorite highlighter.


That’s all! Literally, this is all you have to do to achieve that summery, dewy glow. This makeup trend is absolutely perfect for the summer. It is sweatproof and gives you a very natural glow along with semi-structured cheekbones.

– Sneha Shenoy can be followed on Instagram: @theurbanmortal

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