The President is Missing by James Patterson & Bill Clinton

Renowned author, philanthropist and literary award winner James Patterson in joint collaboration with Bill Clinton(42nd president of the United States of America) has compiled a political thriller ‘The President is Missing’.  They leaves no stone unturned in creating a uncanny, clandestine atmosphere throughout the novel.

The novel starts with the dynamic President Duncan preparing for a House Select Committee . A gradual blossoming of the novel speaks of an unprecedented threat looming over the sky of Washington. President’s daughter gets an alarming message from an European girl Nina and her counterpart Augie. The code “Dark Ages” keeps the 1st American citizen on tenterhooks as this sounds a warning message, a threat, a tumultuous turmoil to the American defence. Whispers, grapevine of cyber-terror, espionage , traitor loom like dry loo in the cabinet. No one including the President is spared from its epidemic effect as the result of this arduous consequence could have wiped out the entire nation’s infrastructure.  

This nefarious plot has been set up meticulously by Suliman Cindoruk, the most cunning and sacrilegious cyber-terrorist of Turkish origin. His manipulation creates cacophony in the White House. He plots to activate a computer virus devised by a Abkhazian separatist. The only intention is to perish country’s financial, legal and medical record, the transportation and electrical grids will crash. America will be plunged into Dark Ages.

The novel speaks how the dynamic president tries to track the internationally claimed desperado by compromising   private security entitled to him by the State.

Clinton and Patterson both with plethora of practical and psychological experiences speaks of a lonely president who becomes vindictive to vulnerability cyber-terror . The leakage of most secret code keeps him under tenterhooks . He has no friend from the senate,  trustworthy assistance.

In this uncanny circumstance the president goes missing. His sudden departure puts forward many questions. Will he succeed in his solo mission? Will his strength, determination, perseverance surpass successfully every suspicion, conspiracy against him? The story speaks of solitary efficiency of a struggling president against every social odds.

So, walk down to the nearest book store or place your order in Flipkart or Amazon to grab a copy of this little gem.

Book details :-

Author: President Bill Clinton & James Patterson
Publisher: Random House UK Publishing year: 2018
ISBN-13: 9781780898407 ISBN-10: 1780898401
Cover: Paperback Pages: 528
MRP: Rs. 599 Buy From

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