You will be surprised to know what Gelatin can do to your skin!

A clear, beautiful and a youthful skin is something every girl dreams of. In order to try and attain it, this entire planet of beauty marketing is full with products that are meant to give that dreamy skin. But most of us know that buying these products can make your pocket shaggy. Fortunately, there are so many home remedies and face masks for which you need to move to you’re your kitchen in search for ingredients.

Here, we bring to you the easiest blemish-free and chemical-free pore cleaning method, which will turn your skin touch lovely!

For removing blackheads, open pores and thick hair growth one just needs to jump into a magic ingredient – Gelatin.

Gelatin is awesome as it has collision like properties which strength hair and remove dirt of your face. It also loosens dead skin cells and reduces dark spot, pigmentation and other skin related problems.


– Before using Gelatin face mask, make sure you remove all the makeup and dust by splashing lukewarm water on your face and turning it dry.

Check for the ingredients: all it needs is two teaspoons of unflavored Gelatin, a quarter cup of milk and a few drops of lemon juice.

Gelatin works as a great mask if it mixes with milk. Heat the milk for 2 minutes, add the unflavored gelatin and stir it well. This mixture will be thick in texture and it allows for easy application. Adding lemon juice to it will suppress the smell of the paste. Leave the mask for 10 minutes or wait until it dries completely. Once it dries, peel it off your face. With the peeled mask the hair and blackheads will come off.

Make sure you apply this pack immediacy as gelatin sets very fast.

Another thing you can do with your gelatin is to add 2 to 3 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin in your regular gelatin and use it 2 to 3 times a week. It creates a protective layer on your hair that leads to thicker hair growth and prevents hair breakage.

Just use this method and enjoy watching your skin turning sexier than before!


Kanishka Vijay

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