Girls It’s The Time To Flush Out All The Toxins


 16 Tips You’ve Got A Try Of Beauty Detox Process

As ‘Holi’ is just round the corner most of us have been spending lot of time binging, partying hard & drinking all night long. It’s the high time to flush out the toxins from our bodies and also to take a breather from the hair and skin problems post the festival. Oriflame’s Nutrition Expert, Sonia Narang share her tips to helps you get rid of the excessive chemicals, sugar, processed foods and alcohol and make us feel healthy, light & refreshed.

Sonia Narang -Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India

Sonia Narang -Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India

Here We Bring Out The Beauty Inputs From Oriflame India Nutrition Expert Sonia Narang

A detoxification is important because it is helps us get rid of the excessive chemicals, sugar, processed foods and alcohol. We want to share a few detox tips here, which help to clean out our bodies and make us feel healthy, light & refreshed.

The liver produces its own antioxidants, but it also needs other antioxidants from food sources in order to remain healthy. So, eat foods that support the liver and the digestive system. Increasing antioxidant-rich foods can also help counter the free radicals in the body.

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  • The AMINO ACIDS found in protein sources are essential for the detoxification processes.
  • STEAMING or STIR- FRIYING VEGGIES are good options as they prevent nutrients from getting lost.
  • Also do some GENTLE EXERCISE to encourage the elimination of toxins. While detoxing, it is important to stay away from alcohol, caffeine.
  • Drink warm lime water with honey every morning as this stimulates the digestive system and helps to keep away from constipation.
  • Drink lots of green tea- it is loaded with polyphenols, which function as powerful antioxidant.
  • Drink milk in measured quantities but regularly. Milk contains a big package of nutrients that is especially important for bone health, which makes your body stronger while doing away with impurities.
  • Keep away from caffeine-as it interferes in the body’s process of absorbing nutrients.

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  • It’s now time to go a bit easy on alcohol since it gets easily absorbed into blood stream and affects every part of the body.
  • Drink lots of water- the minimum daily water intake for men is about 3 l and for women, about 2.2 l. Water flushes the toxins out of vital organs and carries nutrients to your cells.
  • Increase foods with fiber in your diet. Dietary fiber plays a role in modulating the immune system and therefore, results in a lesser risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.
  • Make sure you’re getting your vitamins. This is an essential nutrient that the body cannot produce enough of its own. So, if is important to make sure you balance your vitamins in your diet and for this a balance diet is must.

Sonia Narang - Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India

One can always try the below mentioned Detox Smoothies infused waters

  • Take one chilled, skinned & seeded melon and scoop out the flesh. Add the melon & a one-centimeter cube of peeled and chopped ginger into a blender, along with four ice cubes. Whizz up the ingredients & then serve
  • Watermelon & mint infused water
  • Cucumber & Lemon infused water
  • Strawberry cucumber lemon & mint infused water
  • Detox iced Green Tea

You should always try to eat at regular intervals.  Sleep also plays an equally important role in flushing out the toxins. All cells and tissues get proper oxygen when we sleep like a baby. The availability of oxygen keeps all the vital organs running good and also keeps the skin supple and eyes brighter. So enjoy this festival of Colours a healthy way and prevent your body from any consequences.

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