How to rock subtle make up this summer!

With summer around the corner and the heat levels rising, all we want to do is to snuggle up in bed with the air conditioning on, isn’t it?

On such days, wearing sweatpants and tying our greasy hair into a top knot seems to be fun; but what about all those days when you are forced to be a human and go out and socialise? Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if there was a makeup look that is totally sweatproof, protects you from the UV rays of the sun, is really easy to do and is super cute?

Well, you’re in luck because today’s post is all about a sweatproof, cute summer day and night makeup look.

Bonus: all the products used in this look are drugstore products; that makes it even more awesome.

NEVER forget to wear sunscreen, whether you’re sitting at home or going out, NEVER EVER forget sunscreen.

I, personally, like to apply sunscreen on my bare face before I can put on any kind of makeup. I also prep my lips with a good moisturising lip balm. I use the Photostable sunscreen, which is waterproof and sweatproof. For my lips, I like to use the neutrogena lip balm.  

For my base, I like to use the Maybelline BB cream. Evenly apply your foundation/BB cream  all over your face. Then go in with the concealer to conceal and highlight the areas under your eyes, forehead, bridge of your nose, under the nostrils and cupid’s bow. Blend that all in – real good.



Moving on to eyes, take a light, almost skin colour shade from your eyeshadow palette and apply that evenly on your eyelid. Then take a subtle light brown shade and apply it to your crease. Blend it in real good.

I personally don’t like using eyeliner for an everyday look. So, instead of eyeliner, I stock up on my mascara. I use the Maybelline falsies waterproof mascara. And it genuinely is so good. After the eyes, fill in your eyebrows and conceal the lower line of your eyebrow to highlight your brow bone. I love to use the Maybelline brow shape duo for my brows. I, personally, also like to line my upper waterline with a Kajal, to give my eyes that extra pop.



For the lips, use a subtle lip shade during the day. To make this look perfect for the night, add an extra pop of colour to the look by using a darker, more vibrant shade for your lips.

For the day look, I use the NYX matte lip crème in the shade Antwerp and Artistry in the shade brown. For the night look, I used the wet and wild lip tint in the shade mauve outta here and Lakmé lip tint in the shade raving red.


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