7 foods to warm your insides

Coming into the last week of November, the weather now can be a little tricky. The chilly winds are blowing but it’s not really cold yet and this is the time when we usually catch colds, get that nagging cough or a running nose that can last throughout the season. So apart from getting your wardrobe winter ready, make some changes in your pantry too. Piling up the sweaters and jackets might not be enough to fight off that cold, you also need to keep your body warm from within and build up the immunity. While a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa are what we turn to on a cold wintry day, there are some other foods that you can add to your diet to keep yourself toasty!


  • Ginger:It is no less than a magical root. The medicinal properties of ginger are plenty but its thermogenic properties are enough for us to add it to our cup of tea or bowl of soupto ward off the chill and also to boost our immune and digestive systems.


  • Honey: This liquid gold is another great way to keep your body warm from within. A natural sweetener, honey is infinitely better than using sugar in your beverages. So add it to your morning glass of lemon water, to your tea or your bowl of cereals and get rid off the annoying cough and cold. Honey is also a great anti-depressant for those who suffer from the winter blues.nuts
  • Nuts: Be it almonds, cashews, peanuts or walnuts, these fiber rich munchies generates body heat and keep us warm in this cold weather. Have soaked almonds in the morning, add them to your cereals or just roast them, but don’t forget to add them to your winter diet.


  • Soup: A big bowl of steaming hot soup on a cold winter day goes straight to your heart and warms your soul.It’s hot, it’s nutritious, it’s filling and absolutely the best winter food. Add in some veggies or proteins like eggs and chicken to give it that extra healthy goodness.


  • Turmeric: This is another great way to keep your body naturally warm. It is an age old practice in Indian households to drink Turmeric milk to fight the flu or muscle pains and the world is slowly catching up with it. Indian cuisine also uses Turmeric a lot in its dals and curries.


  • Whole grains: If you find your hands and feet getting icy cold in winters, it might be from iron deficiency. So make sure to include fiber rich whole grains in your diet like oats, black rice, quinoa and barley to give your body the warmth and energy it needs to function in the cold.


  • Cold coffee: Apart from that hot cuppa, we sometimes crave a creamy glass of goodness that is cold coffee but restrict yourselves lest the iced drink gives us a nasty cold. Well, worry no more. Turns out, it’s not the temperature of the coffee that keeps us warm, but the caffeine. So cold coffee is equally effective in providing the body warmth we need.

With these super foods, you are sure to beat the chill this winter and stay toasty and healthy. Cheers!

Mekhla Gan

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