Ayodhya of the East

West Bengal is known for her cultural diversity with indigenous flora and fauna. People of Bengal  usually opt for a splendid Tiger Hill sunrise or an enchanting marine drive at Digha / Mandarmoni.  Somehow, a big pile of crowd are still oblivious of a place in Bengal which can claim it’s versatility in three spectrums- Mythology, Picturesque, Cultural Heritage  and yet only a few hours journey from the cultural Indian capital Kolkata.

Ayodhya hills is an extended part of Chota Nagpur plateau or you can say Eastern Ghat to be very precise. It is located in Purulia district, at the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand through Dalma hills.

Now let us have a spontaneous elaboration of the three myriads as mentioned:

Mythology : Ayodhya of the east has a mythological importance like it’s counterpart the greater Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh. Sita-Kunda is a place noted in the Ramayana where Sita quenched her thirst. At every Baisakhi Purnima one will go gaga by the ecstatsy enjoyed by the local tribes  here.

Picturesque Sight Seeing: Ayodhya hills being an extended part of Eastern Ghats mountain range is embellished with some rugged hillocks along with splendid waterfalls and dams.

Although the serene beauty of Ayodhya persists throughout the year but it rises to manifold state during spring with the flamboyance blossoming of Palash flowers .

Some important tourist attractions over there are :-

Matha Buru:  Matha hills, , is known for it’s esthetic beauty. There is a Kali Temple located at the top of the hill. An ‘Annual Mela’ is organized by the  tribal community as a custom of their indigenous tradition.  This place is known for full moon night scenery. Numerous nature camp and Rock Climbing courses are directed by diverse association for the most part amid winter season.

Pakhi  Pahar:  One of the beautiful eye-catching tourist spot. Winter is the best time to visit this place . fowl viewing and the blustery season covers the whole wilderness in lavish greenery. Pardi dam vicinity makes this particular place more lavishing.

Dowry Khal:  Originating place of Sobha River, a tributary of Subarnarekha. Known for its natural beauty and a favourite camping place for adventure tourist.

Bamni falls and Tugga falls: It represents the vitality, spirit of lively nature. The air is damp and moist. The fragrant smell of spruce trees which entangles the waterfall and stream of the soggy , humid air. The sound of the swift flowing water is getting echoed manifold. Presence of water, the impermeable rocks in between with the tender blooming of some unknown colorful flowers makes a mellifluous ambience in the area. Green bushes cover the entire hill covering the age old rocks. This place can be euphoric if one spends a certain hours either solitarily or in groups ,thus making a harmonious relationship with nature.  

Charida village: One of the culturally posthumous yet unexplored villages of Bengal. This village is known for making Chhau masks which are worn while performing Chhau dance. the village that provides some of the best masks, is near Baghmundi block of Purulia district. Around 250 artisans from 60-70 families, mostly belong to the Sutradhar clan, are engaged in making these extraordinarily beautiful masks for generations. The mask-maker needs extremely high artistic perfection and the detailed knowledge of the epic and mythology is also essential to express the shade of a particular character. The artisans of Charida normally have their workshops in their own houses along the main road for direct trade with customers. They are busy round the year and, practically every house and every member of the household is seen occupied in making masks or assembling decorations for headgears. The masks produced from this village cater the needs of Chhau dance groups of entire Medinipur, Purulia and Bankura districts.

Murguma dam: It is an ideal weekend getaway situated in a beautiful natural environment and pristine landscape. There is a dam on the Saharjor river, which is the prime attraction of this place. Its lake is surrounded by hillocks and forests; all lying near the foothills of the Ajodhya Hills very close to the Begunkoder Village, a well known settlement in Purulia.  Murguma Dam and its neighbouring forests together create a beautiful scene which every year attracts a lot of tourists, gradually taking interest in ecotourism. Just do nothing but sit and relax. You can have a bath in the lake but please make sure you know how to swim because the dam is really a deep one. I would really suggest a full moon night. Just sit and see a big moon coming out in the evening. I can bet you shall not forget this experience in your life. Next day go for a trek through jungle to a neighbouring tribal village. Or walk to a hill top and after reaching a point sit and enjoy the surrounding greenery.

Khairabera dam:This is an Irrigation Dam in the midst of slopes and woods at Baghmundi. It is a delightful and charming spot with high possibility to be produced as an appealing visitor spot.

This spot goes about as an enchanting preoccupation for sightseers with its serenity, uneven geology, falls, streams, differing vegetation, thick vegetation and so forth. So, it is an outright enjoyment for nature beaus. So a trek to West Bengal for all intents and purposes stays fragmented without a visit to this wondrous heaven of pleasant excellence and appeal.

An evening stay at this place of pristine beauty will definitely remind one of fanciful Ontario of the east.  This place has recently set up a Eco-Tourism Resort .

Kuki Dam:  A vast waterbody created on river Rupai. An excellent place for Weekend tour and film shooting. Private accommodation is available at Jhalda town.

Hot Water Spring:  Amidst the hills , one would find a place where hot bubbles are evolving from the ground and local illiterate inhabitants are nonchalantly washing clothes and utensils with it. Sometimes it is perceived that nature gives us so many treasures but it is our incapability that we cannot preserve it .  

Purulia Pump Storage Project:  Ayodhya hills’s overall economic development has been enhanced a lot by the establishment of Purulia Pump Storage Project by West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. Hundreds of people work over here , known for state of the art infrastructure combined with Japanese technology. Two important yet picturesque tourist spots are imbibed within this project which are Upper Dam and Lower Dam. One should pay a short visit to this place to know the veracity of the statement.

 Durga Mandir and Ashram:  Quite a few people know of this place.  ‘A pious place in recluse’, far away from the polluted dizziness of the hustle-bustle life. A saint cum spiritual teacher has attained moksha/ salvation while meditating over here. There lies an idol of Maa Durga and a meditative room. The graveness and the spiritual aroma of the place will definitely touch the uncanny mind of any Theist/Atheist or Agnostic.

  • Communication:- Ayodhya hills is conveniently connected with Purulia (70km), the district town and with Tata Nagar, Jharkhand. The nearest rail station is Barabhum which is around 40 km away from Ayodhya. One can also avail bus and private cars on hire from Purulia, Jhalda, Chelyma, Tata Nagar and Ranchi.
  • Accomodation :-There is a luxury resort located at the top of Ayodhya hills , Niharika/Malabika under WB CDAC having reasonable charges with good infrastructure and other facilities. Bagmundi, located at the foot of Ayodhya hills has good hotels and lodges and that too having within reasonable tariff.



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