Travel Myths- Busted

Who doesn’t love a heads up and new tips when travelling to a new destination?

But, well, as many people with good advice, are twice the people who mislead you. Here4 are some such “Advices” NOT to follow-

  • Avoid Street food: Avoiding the delicacies is not a good choice. And mostly, the stalls are generally safe- with mouthwatering, hot and delicious food. A bad idea would be spending too much in a restaurant simply assuming it is safe- Have you seen the kitchen?
  • 5 Stars hotels are the best choice: Stars can be misleading. In countries like Italy, Hotels get a 5-star rating for simply having a 24-hour reception and a receptionist speaking 3 languages! Government Lodgers are modest and reliable.
  • Book Plane tickets Far in Advance: It would’ve been true before, but not now. Booking a ticket 5-6 weeks before the domestic trip is more profitable. Also, Tickets are the cheapest on a Tuesday Afternoon at 3 pm.
  • Duty free goods are cheap: Goods like sunglases, perfumes are very easily available outside the Airport at cheaper rates. This myth can possibly be true for cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Get best deals on Hotel Websites: The trick is to stick with one chain. You can go straight to the hotel and negotiate a good deal. Hotels give upgrades, not the agents. And also, the third party websites aren’t privy to show discounts and offers.
  • Put Money in a money pouch: The best way is to carry a wallet in the front pocket (always) and to leave unnecessary items at the hotel.


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