Messiah Magic – A Short Story

3rd May 1983, Purulia

Badrinath Mahali is very elated today. He has recently cleared medical joint entrance examination while inhabiting in a remote village named Hura of Purulia district, West Bengal. His parents, the entire village, the Mahali community from the adjoining areas are celebrating to make the occasion remarkable.

“One day you will be a messiah.” The old teacher from his school said these words proudly.

The words of the old teacher echoes through the dry loo of 1981. In the next few days Badrinath’s academic achievement serves as a living example to the young students of the adjoining distructs.

16th August 1986, College Street Police Station

OC(Officer in Charge): “You have got the bail. This kind of anti-social activity is not expected from an educated person like you.”

Badrinath : “Well, I am not an anti-social, rather I am a believer in Communism.”

OC : “Emotions are part and parcel of Human nature. Take my humble suggestion to use it optimistically.”

Badrinath(smiling): “Thank you  Sir.”

Badrinath is pursuing MBBS from Medical College .

14th August 1986, 12:45 pm., Kolkata

Kriparam Oraon pays a capricious visit to the medical college. He is severely injured in the right arm and chest. As he belongs to his native village, Badrinath starts to heal him, oblivious of the fact that his acquaintance  is absconding. Three hours after the incident Kolkata Police comes to Medical College in search of Kriparam Oraon and do not find him. Thus they arrest Badrinath for helping a convict.

The College authority of Kolkata rusticates him for this vinous crime. Badrinath pleads earnestly for his career. One of his fellow mates says that he is convicted for helping a prisoner from his own community. It makes him dumbfound and aghast as he is in 3rd year of MBBS, a very good performer. He finds it quite impossible to convince the authority in believing that it’s not his fault in healing a person without knowing his/her professional background.

He decides to pay visit to his village for a change in atmosphere. He finds that his village has not changed in any form in the last couple of years. There is a hospital without any good doctors, least medical facilities and amenities. He decides to stay back at this village and assists the local hospital authorities in dealing with cumbersome situation. His vision is to serve people at large. The hospital authority is happy too, as they have appointed a good doctor unofficially, satisfied with the salary of a petty compounder .

Badrinath feels a deep disappointment for the Government’s lack in concern regarding the socio-economic development of the region.

29th December 1987, Lalgarh, Midnapore

He is a part of team who has set up a free medical camp. There he encounters a young Paritosh Mahato who is severely injured due to a car accident.

Paritosh : “You seem to be quite good.”

Badrinath : “Thanks.”

Paritosh : “Where are you from? What lead you here?”

Badrinath gives him a short synopsis of his life.

Paritosh : “My brother, I feel so sad to hear your story. It seems that tragedy and procrastination is just a common factor in this region.”

Badrinath : “I want to serve this soil. I can sacrifice my whole life for its betterment.”

Paritosh : “You don’t have to sacrifice unnecessarily. We are running a Leftist movement whose seed is sowed since the Naxalite movement of 1960’s. We need educated persons to make our movement more sharper and stronger.”

Badrinath : “Do you really think this kind of movements will serve our purpose? I think this will get the accolade of anti-social, as it will be anti-government act.”

Paritosh : “Mann Changa, Toh Katouth bhi Ganga. The suomotu of this movement is the socio-economic development of the region. It is anointed as ‘ADIBASHI Pragatishil Mancha’. Its by no means linked to Maoist movement. We want active co-operation, financial support and good projects from the Government. But due to certain miscommunication, misinterpretation, to some extent misguidance we are still incapable in acquiring their required attention. Many of our men are taken in custody for no reason. People of this dilapidated region demands justice for this inexhaustible ignorance from the Government.”

Badrinath : “What do you want me to do?”

Paritosh : “Come, and be our social accomplice , crony.”

Since 1998, young Mahali serves as an official doctor to ‘ADIBASHI Pragatishil Mancha’. Slowly and Steadily Badrinath becomes a known face through the entire belt and local people starts to respect him as ‘A Messiah’. He plays the role of Florence Nightingale for the local tribal people.

Alas! His philanthropic service to the undeveloped society never gets the attention of social-service.

December 2002, Balarampur, Purulia

Badrinath is busy his daily routine. Meanwhile, one of his associates Joseph Tudu brings one person severely injured and unconscious, due to bullet injury at his right leg. From the ID card it gets revealed that the injured person is a defence personnel, Lt Major Vikash Chowdhury.

After seven days of treatment, one morning Badrinath and Vikash has an interesting conversation. It deciphers that Vikash’s origin belongs to the Chelyma block of Purulia. He is totally aware of the socio-economic structure of  this region.

Vikash : “You are quite an efficient doctor. It’s beyond expectation to see you here far from successful city life.”

Badrinath : “I am not a doctor.”

Vikash : “I beg your pardon.”

Badrinath : “I am just doing a non-official public service.”

Vikash(laughing): “What a thought to hide one’s guilt!”

Badrinath : “Guilt? What is my guilt?”

Vikash : “You are wasting your time and energy with some blokes, who are totally oblivious of Indian constitution.”

Badrinath : “Are you totally aware of Indian freedom movement?”

Vikash: “Every child knows. What’s your point?”

Badrinath(smiling) : “The same was told to the indigenous doctors who tried to heal injured freedom fighters, by the British authority.”

Vikash(big laugh) : “What an insensitive reply from a wise person? You mean to say Khudiram, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhae Azad and yours incorrigible ParitoshMahato are same?”

Badrinath : “Freedom fighters used to fight against British atrocity, hegemony and oppression, while we are fighting against social injustice, cultural backwardness, economical dismay, basic need of education, irrigation and industrialization. Since 1947, this region is bearing the dearth of effective industrialization. Social evolution of this demote, dilapidated part of India is left in oblivion for a long time.”

Vikash : “You have a point.”

Badrinath : “Today’s politicians are so much engrossed in sham-publicity, vote bank politics that they intentionally forget their civic responsibilities. Their sole responsibility towards the villagers. They are busy in garnering popularity.”

Vikash : “But whats your objective? Adibashi Pragatisil Mancha is not a NGO? Your wholehearted efforts will go to vain if you people do not rely on Govt interception.”

Badrinath : “Nelson Mandela says that to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. We are just trying to follow his principles.”

Vikash : “Why don’t you people apply for Govt aid?”

Badrinath : “Mr Choudhury, you are familiar with this area. You are son of this deprived soil too. We need economic aid, huge government projects for industrialization, housing, electricity, education. Being a sensible citizen it is your sole responsibility to play an active role in the overall development  of this region.”

Vikash becomes emotional with this catharsis of Mahali. Mahali’s tone is soft and firm at the same time.

His fore-fathers were the zamindars of Chelyma region of Purulia. He was proud of their paternal prosperity until the last words of his dying grandfather – “This enormous wealth, property, prosperity, glory of Chelyma’s Choudhury is only possible due to hard work, devotion, faith and non-education of the poor farmers. If possible, live with wisdom and return what we have gained through service to this soil which is a victim of poverty, mal-nutrition and non-development.”

Mahali(continued) : “I am very loyal to my profession. I have done nothing wrong. I am telling them to release you, so that you can spread our vision to the Govt. I am extremely inspired by the by Birsa Munda revolution and I want you to feel the same perception.

Being a Second-in -Command officer in BSF , Vikash utilizes his network. His tireless efforts, relentless devotion ultimately gives fruitful result .

2nd January 2004, under the supervision of PMO, a meeting is organized between members  of ‘Adibashi  Pragatishil Mancha’ and  delegates of the  Prime Ministry .

MoU is prepared off the meeting. A consensus is reached for  housing, industrialization, electricity, educational development  in the region. Mahali laids the founding stone of the 1st multi-facility hospital in the region. He is felicitated by the local MLA of the region. His name is nominated for ‘Rasthrapati Puroshkar’ for his self-less philanthropic service.

Messiah Magic’ creates a gala of gaga charisma across the region.

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