A Hundred Little Flames

Preeti Shenoy, an eminent literary celebrity, has brought a Christmas gift ‘A hundred Little Flames’  for the book lovers. As the title depicts, our heart  is filled with hundreds of emotions at different moments whose meaningful integration weaves to form a worthwhile life.

The story deploys the solitary  journey of  Gopal Shankar, who reaches the delta of his life and thereby makes  a desperate attempt to re-think one step backward to make one step forward in life. He is accompanied by his urbane grandson Ayan who tries to decipher the real meaning of country life which is devoid of any  internet connection .

Read the story to unleash the following:

1. The underlying chemistry between a village grandfather and a young urbane grandson

2. The role of Jayraj, both as son of old Gopal and young Ayan, and how he will overcome certain ambiguities in both the relation

3. How could a urbane debonair sustain in rural livelihood without getting any the normal amenities of entertainment and internet?

I guess,  this immortal Christmas gift will sooth the heart of every book lover.  

So, what are you guys waiting for? Just go and grab your copies today.

Book Details:

Author: Preeti Shenoy
Publisher: Westland Publishing Year: 2017
ISBN-13: 9789386850423 ISBN-10: 9386850427
Cover: Paperback No. Of Pages: 400
MRP: Rs 299 Buy From: Flipkart.com
Denizen of Dreamland

About Denizen of Dreamland

I am Denizen of Dreamland, born and brought up in cosmopolitan South kolkata. Since childhood I do prefer to make certain necessary and unnecessary changes in my day to day life as anything monotonous bores me a lot.my philosophy towards life is "Living it through moments without being too critical and skeptical towards it". I have an analytical and empathetic mind which helps me to understand and retrospect any situation or any individual in an unique way.


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