Playboy Club hosted the Premiere Edition of “The Luxe Bazaar” in Hyderabad – An Exclusive & Unique Experience to Shop & Party!

Playboy Club is a lifestyle brand & believes in luxury & hence we introduce “THE LUXE BAZAAR” a unique luxury shopping experience to the people of Hyderabad. The event which was inaugurated by Ms. Pinky Reddy  showcased some amazing haute couture brands & labels from all over India including Aarti Vijay Gupta’s Lakme Collections , Pallavi Vengsarkar’s Bags ( Daughter of Cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar) and Jewellery from Sabina Singh’s (Olive Owner) ‘Sitara’.  Thats not all -TV Star Roshni Chopra personally showcased her New Line as Sangeeta Kilachand (Of Mumbai’s Kilachand Family) introduced us to her Pret Label – Ess Kay.


The Luxe Bazaar is born out of a pure unadulterated Love for Fashion and the finer things in Life. An innovative concept of Shopping Designer Labels and Brands while sipping on Signature Champagne Cocktails, indulging in exotic cuisine and dancing to your favourite tunes premiered in Hyderabad amidst glitz and fanfare at Playboy club . Founders of THE LUXE BAZAAR, Vijayta V Gandhi & Zeba Kohli, were ecstatic at bringing such diverse Brands to this Beautiful City full  of Hyderabad.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop, says Simmi Kent (Director Playboy India) as LUXE BAZAAR provided a different shopping experience that the country has never seen before.

Vijayta says ‘Hyderabadi’s have an Inherently Classic Style and everybody loved the Brands that we are brought from Mumbai and other parts of the Country’ while Zeba adds ‘We have Clothes, Jewelry, Accessories & more.. Come and Indulge.’.

Mumbai’s Luxury Fashion House DVAR India did its First Ever Pop Up Store which houses Big Designers like Delhi’s Style Queen Mandira Wirk, alongside Gopi Vaid, Pallavi Goyal & Jessica K. The Lakme Fashion Week Collections of RRISO & Krishna Mehta is available, alongside Beautiful Benaarsi Sarees by Joydeep from Kolkatta. London Fashion Week debuted Nidhi Yasha showcased 6 of her Classic Shirts for Only 6 Exclusive Customers!


 The event saw participation of over 30 Designers from London fashion week, Lakme Fashion Week & Wills Lifestyle  at Playboy Club Hyderabad. The crème de la crème of the City came  to the event for the unique experience that the city has never witnessed before. The Luxe Bazaar, the first of its kind, commenced at Playboy club Hyderabad and later trot onto Pune, Punjab, London and Dubai.

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