Dear Parents of this Universe

Good Day.

To begin with, let me introduce myself. From years I have been in the field of education.  Writing and penning down books have been passion. My passionate journey of writing has been embellished with many stories which I’ll be sharing with you. I have been an educationist for about more than twenty years- a focused but at the same time a perplexed educationist who is till now trying to understand the meaning of ‘true education’. This is due to different types of system of education being burdened on our students and their parents. The parents too often come up with strange kinds of questions! They hurl these questions at me with intensity non-fathomable! A parent whose child is enrolled for pre-nursery for the coming session is worried if we are going to provide or not, competitive classes once her kid reaches in 7th or 8th grade! Her concern left me speechless! The educationist in me was bewildered. The child had yet to start his education and mother was worried about IIT/JEE Entrance Classes!

I have taught, grilled and polished students of all classes- be it Primary or Senior Secondary! I have been their emotional solace and despite that I was at times very strict with 12th graders, I have been always loved by them. I have helped them to achieve their ‘shades’ and I am very satisfied to tell you this that almost all of them are connected to me and wish me once in two years undoubtedly. Till now I have never had any ‘bad experience’. Encounters with students can be bad or good according to how you deal them. Teenagers will come up with certain ‘comments’. It is the task of the teachers to guide them, motivate them and harness their skills. Punishment and shoutings can never solve problems but only aggravate serious situations. Education does
not mean teaching at the ‘blackboard or following certain patterns’. According to me, it means tact to handle students and to get the best out of them! 

‘What is real education?’ Does anyone have this answer? Can anyone explain this? Has anyone got the measuring meter to measure the intellect of a child? But before understanding real education let us understand who is a real educationist. He or She is a real educationist, who sees beyond all kinds of competitions and instils positivism and motivates. My institution which has risen by leaps and bound in its inception year has snatched away the peace of many! My institution which is just a ‘baby’ in front of grown up one is now churning out toppers in different fields of SOF, academics, extra and co-curricular activities.
Brilliance and lustre of achievers cannot be dimmed. They will shine in all kinds of situation. 

Heading a renowned and an excellent school, I have realized this that communication skills are very essential and I am very happy to let you know that this is indeed our forte. We have instilled even in the very young ones this incredible art. The toddlers too communicate in English and try to establish a bond with their Headmistress. Early morning when I stand at the school gate to welcome my students, Anshika of Prep A, always comes to me pulling her sweet face and opens her complaint box. The day she does not do so, I feel I am incomplete.

And yes, when your child is rejected in an admission test whose result is not actually so bad but the marks are lower than other aspirants, do you know that actually the seeds of a topper or an achiever have been sown? Child psychology is a very difficult subject. The rejected children try to work hard and reach the zenith. What required is your emotional support to your children. Let me share with you my personal experience. Around 14 years back, I had shifted to Faridabad due to my husband’s transfer. My son was refused admission by the then top school of the city-MVN-17. I admitted him in DAV-14. Later he got admission in DPS, Sector19- another top school but this time, it was my son who refused to shift. Due to my husband’s transfers, he had already changed nine schools and did not want to leave his friends behind. I respected his decision. Another debacle happened when in 2007 his name appeared in the extended list of IIT/JEE and not in the main list. Instead of taking admission into what this list was offering, he opted for NIT Kurukshetra. I again respected his decision and stood by him.Today he is employed as Senior Software Analyst with the Ministry of Education, Finland in Europe. He is the only Asian to make to
this position from his batch of Alto University, Finland where he was doing his MS. How many of the MVNites have made till here? But then rejection had never deterred me. At times, he was swayed but I stood by him as a strong pillar of support. I motivated him- instilled in him positivism. There were few teachers, like Amodha ma’am and Rajesh Sir of DAV who did the  
same for him. There was no looking back. What I mean to explain here is this Brand of any institution matters only to a certain extent. Ultimately it is you and the way the school is handling their students, matters the most. In ‘big schools’ students who are already doing well are provided facilities of ‘toppers’ so that these schools can make their names! The weak or average students are treated as untouchables and are only kept for financial assistance! Is this education? Can you call this education? I
do not want to boast about myself or my team but yes, we are smoothly gliding on the path of becoming a brand and trying to look into every child’s emotional needs. Every child cannot be a topper but every child has the right to good education! There can be only one APJ Abdul Kalam as not all can become the same but then our great scientists, engineers and technicians are no less who have put TEJAS into action on the 68th Rebublic Day.  I salute to them all and want to know their stories of successes. I also want to know the story of the brave pilots flying TEJAS who as a streak of lightening burst the heart of the clouds terrorizing the enemies. 

What I want to say is this that every step of your child is precious. One wrong decision made can result in a lifelong trauma. Instil positivism. Cater to his or her emotional needs. Stand with him or her. Hold hands. Your children are not items whose brand values have to be increased. They are breathing souls who understand and perceive this universe in their own way. Step by step, you can make them climb the ladder of positivism and success and this all depends on you as what you understand by success. By the end of the day, it is the child’s own perception to his surroundings which makes him or her genius! Please help your child attain this perception rather than running after brands which only make your children items on shelves. 

With lots of hope that you all will be true mentors.

Warm Regards

Rashmi Singh. 

Headmistress, Delhi International School, Greater Faridabad.

Rashmi Singh

About Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh is an author, columnist, counsellor, painter, personality development advisor and an educationist. She has been in the field of education from past twenty five years. She started her career as a class teacher of Std. VIth in a CBSE school where she taught almost all subjects. She has taught English to 12th graders in many renowned schools of India. She has been also the Vice Principal and Headmistress of few very good schools. As an author she has given 7 books to the literary world. Ex Headmistress of Tagore Public School, Palwal, Ms Singh is currently the Headmistress of Delhi International School, Greater Faridabad.


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