4 Ways to lead a less wasteful lifestyle

The average Indian produces about 22kgs of waste a year. Shocking, right? We all produce so much waste, without actually realising it. We are living a certain kind of lifestyle wherein not producing waste is inevitable, but there are definitely certain ways to reduce our waste production.

Though almost all of us would have read this in our EVS textbooks, none of us take the effort to implement it. Recycling waste is one of the most efficient ways to reduce waste production. Every time we buy a new appliance, we scrap away the old one, being oblivious of the fact that most electronic companies take your old appliance, recycle it and use the material for making new appliances. So, everytime you buy, you recycle.


We live in a tropical country wherein it is never really cold. We often get thirsty and buy packaged water. Do you any idea how much plastic the packaged water industry generates? The figures are humongous. Instead of buying packaged water, always carry atleast a small bottle of water wherever you go; it will increase your water intake as well as reduce waste.
What about cans and bottles of one’s favourite packaged drink/food? What can one do with those? Buy bigger bottles/packets, instead of buying multiple bottles/packets. Buy bigger proportions and pour/fill them into smaller containers.

Now that plastic bags are chargeable, people have definitely started carrying their own bags, but there is still a lot of scope of improvement. Instead of using plastic bags,can buy plain jute bags and get your creative juices flowing and customise your own shopping bag. Isn’t that cool?


Coming to daily use items like toiletries: did you know you could make them on your own? Making your own toiletries at home not only leaves your skin glowing, but also reduces waste and makes sure all the ingredients in your daily use products are au naturelle. For example, you can use brown sugar, coffee and essential oils to make your very own sugar scrub; which not only makes your skin super soft but also wakes you up in the morning. Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil can be mixed together and used instead of a lotion. All these methods save you some extra bucks while you save the environment.


Try eating and buying as much organic food as possible. Although expensive, they’re really good for your body and the environment. Try to avoid buying things which have humongous amounts of plastic packaging. Try to recycle as much plastic and cardboard as you can.

We often fail to realise the consequences of us trying to control the environment.  Let’s all pledge to try and reduce our consumption and our waste production. We need to start being more compassionate and grateful, towards other human beings and our provider, nature. Lead a wastefull lifestyle, folks!

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