What’s to watch this summer?

With humongous craze for the returning series of “Game of Thrones”, forever waiting for “Sherlock”, and missing “Downton Abbey” every minute, TV Series is here to rule. While big budget movies often faltering in the box office collections if not crippling under the razor thin plot, new age TV series is setting up a benchmark for both the common and the niche audience alike.

Especially this year has witnessed a tremendous response for Hulu’s production of “The Handmaids’s Tale”, it’s cited as one of the finest show ever made on TV. In a dystopian future, where infertility has ‘spread’ like a ‘plague’, young fertile women called the Handmaids, are assigned to the elite homes for they must engage in sort of a ritualized sex with the men in order to bear the children of those privileged class. No wonder such a plot hit all the right chords! From brilliant storyline to the terrific performances from the lead stars, this show is a must watch for every TV buff.

Coming to the much lighter content, “Lucifer”, projecting the Devil in the streets of LA, has been renewed for a third season coming in this Fall. A FOX production, portraying the Devil in a new quirky way, “Lucifer” was an instant hit among the teenagers and the young adults. Adapted from The Vertigo Comics, this TV series is creating a buzz.

The comic book adaption is a rage these days with CW rolling out new series every now and then. Good news to all TV nerds out there – “The Flash”, “Arrow” and “Riverdale” has been renewed too. Now coming to the more matured content this year HBO has created an under-rated masterpiece in the form of “Big Little Lies”. Not many know of this TV mini-series , but this is a hidden gem! With glittering casts comprising Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon & Laura Dern this show is a powerhouse of gripping plots and gut wrenching twists.  It’s dark nature has been magnificently spun by the Director Jean Marc Vallee.

In the time where US TV series dominate our TV screens, special mention should be made for their British counterpart. BBC has managed to produce pretty stunning TV series lately. “Taboo”, starring Tom Hardy, is one of them. Their returning Sci-Fi series “Black Mirror” is a show to look out for.

So with more power-packed new series like “The Defenders” coming in this fall TV nerds are up for a treat. So what are you waiting for? Get a subscription on Netflix , surround yourself with enough popcorns and prepare to get bowled over by these summer ‘bonanza’.  Happy binging!

Saurodeep Basak

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