Mendenhall Caves, Alaska


Aren’t we all eager for an other-worldly experience? To experience a moment that you wish would freeze in time, having serenity in the surreal …

Funnily enough, we seek all sorts of places, talk about ‘other worlds’, even when we haven’t even seen half the world and what lays hidden!

One such opportunity lies in the Juneau in the southeast area of the U.S. state of Alaska, which is a popular tourist attraction. A traveler’s delight, here are located the Mendenhall Caves: Water in its three forms together in one place, the view of the majestic surroundings – to put it mildly – is absolutely breathtaking.

MENDENHALL CAVES, ALASKAThis spectacular world of ice is found directly beneath a 21km long glacier. But to see this natural magic from one’s own eyes isn’t for everyone. Only those willing to kayak (a type of canoe) to and ice-climb need are deemed fit. Even experienced mountain climbers need up to 8 hours for the tour!

The United States Forest Service operates the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center as part of the Tongass National Forest, offering interpretive programs for children and adults throughout the year. The visitor centre and its surrounding area offers stunning views of a lake-terminating, calving glacier.

Water has carved the caves into a stunning interior, creating surreal, turquoise-toned worlds whose shapes are ever changing. The incredible landscapes are a once-in-a-lifetime sight. Beautiful, scenic, majestic, and alluring in every possible way, another lesson on how we, the creatures of earth will forever appear shrunken under the enormity of Mother Nature.


For the adventurous kind, for the courageous ones, these caves are the perfect getaway: one glance to transport you to another world, another place inside you.

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