6 Reasons why you must visit Kalimpong this summer

Nestled in the beautiful Himalayan range, at an altitude of 1250 meters, Kalimpong is a hill station in West Bengal. This bustling town boasts of Himalayan views, Buddhist monasteries, colonial architecture and a fascinating nursery industry, all linked by some fine hikes.

Kalimpong sprawls across a mountain ridge, overlooking the Teesta River with the summit of Khangchendzonga looking over it. Being a hill station, it is also an ideal destination to battle this heat!


A Treat For Any Nature Lover

A small town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kalimpong is an absolutely amazing treat for any nature lover, giving a stunning view of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and Kanchenjunga. You can head to Deolo hill in Kalimpong and get completely mesmerized by the breath-taking view

Great wildlife

Kalimpong being an amazing nature spot also has a sizable amount of great wildlife around it. Being a part of the Neora Valley National Park, the forests around Kalimpong is home to endangered species like the Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, and barking deer and is popular for the beautiful avifauna like the Himalayan woodpecker, flycatchers, pheasants and warblers.

Tea gardens

The Darjeeling Himalayan region is really popular for its tea and Kalimpong contributes for about 5% of the totally tea production, with tea gardens located in the western side of the Teesta. The place is also popular for its extensive production of ginger and oranges.

Hub for floriculture

Visiting the cactus nursery in Kalimpong is an amazing experience, where you can see so many varieties of cactus plants at one place, maintained in a place located in such a high altitude. Kalimpong is a hub for floriculture and really popular for its floriculture industry. There are various nurseries located in and around which is open for tourist view, where you can see the various collections of beautiful and exotic flowers and floral plants. Orchids and gladiolus are some of the popular ones which Kalimpong is very well known for.

The Durpin Monastery

One can take a ride to Durpin Dara or Durpin hill which is the highest point in Kalimpong and has the stunning view of Kalimpong town and a view great to take photographs. The Durpin Monastery is also located there which is the oldest Buddhist monastery in the town and is a beautiful and iconic symbol of the cultural heritage.

A Hiker’s Paradise

Kalimpong is indeed a hiker’s paradise. There are lovely forests and villages surrounding it, perfect for hiking. Almost every hotel and travel agency in town organizes trekking and hiking trips around. You could also take a hiking trip to Pedong or hike from Lava to Rishop which is totally worth it.


Kalimpong is also known for its cultural and ethnic diversity. Predominately populated by Nepalese in Kalimpong, you will come across a lot of ethnic groups like Lepchas, Bhutias, Sherpas, Rais, Limbus, etc. You will also see a lot of non-native groups like Bengalis, Biharis, Tibetans and Chinese. All these groups make Kalimpong a hub for its beautiful ethnic and cultural diversity.

Aren’t these reasons enough for Kalimpong to be the next town you visit? So what are you waiting for?

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