Climate Change and its Consequences: Deeper Problems are on the Cards


With the advent of the 21st century and with all the advancement that human folks are making with the passage of time, it’s looking all the more ominous for the human race. Not only that this ceaseless advancement has left all living organisms with a question of finding a proper way of surviving in this planet. Surviving, that too in a healthy manner, is the need of the hour.

Climate change and its worst effects have begun to have an effect on this planet already

Climate change and its worst effects have begun to have an effect on this planet already

In that quest, science has made a lot of contribution. We often organize numerous drives with an aim to spread the word that we need to preserve our resources so that we can keep this world a favourable place to live in. And the biggest and the worst effect that we are trying to curb down, at the moment, is the climate change. There are very few things that we bring about a change when it comes to nature but it’s because of ourselves such changes have crept in. And as it stands now, even knowing the fact that we can’t make things better, we can give it a go and look forward so that there is no further damage done to the environment.

Recent studies have revealed that global warming is a phenomenon that has been present since the days when there were no industries. But, with every long stride taken towards universal development, the situation is getting worse. It has been revealed from scientific researches that global warming besides affecting a climate change has already altered 82 percent of the ecological processes. And this includes the pattern of migration of living organisms. Also the genetic patterns have undergone a sea of changes due to the global warming.

The accumulative effect of the rise in temperature has been around 1 degree Celsius which is equivalent to about 1.84 degree Fahrenheit. But the mal-effects can already been felt as the lifestyle of various organisms has undergone many alteration. And this has been primarily because of the burning of fossil fuels.

Brett Scheffers, assistant professor at the University of Florida, has been quoted saying, “We now have evidence that, with only a about one degree C of warming globally, major impacts are already being felt.” Scheffers, who is also the member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Climate Change Specialist Group, added “These range from individual genes changing, significant shifts in species’ physiology and physical features such as body size, and species moving to entirely new areas.”

The research work has revealed that the worst effect will be visible in the form of irregular yielding of crops. Human beings will become all the more susceptible to different kinds of diseases. Production in the number of fishes is also expected to dry up with this change in temperature which are real warning signs. Because, there might come a stage when there will be a shortage of supply of food. And this is bound to be a worrying issue.

It's no more a future problem, the worst effects of climate change have made its presence felt already

It’s no more a future problem, the worst effects of climate change have made its presence felt already

The researchers also revealed that unhealthy forests which are required to impound in excess carbon might just become ineffective. Increasing temperatures of the oceans, which in normal conditions act as a buffer against the rise of temperature, will cease to work effectively. This will result in increasing number of devastating floods and cyclones, which makes the situation really alarming. Freshwater resources will also be hampered with these climatic changes, which put the lives of human beings under serious risk.

Senior author James Watson from the University of Queensland and Wildlife Conservation Society added to the words of Brett Scheffers that, “We are simply astonished at the level of change we observed, which many of us in the scientific community were not expecting for decades.” Also a member of the IUCN Climate Change Specialist Group, Watson said, “It is no longer sensible to consider this a concern for the future, and if we don’t act quickly to curb emissions it is likely that every ecosystem across Earth will fundamentally change in our lifetimes.”

And evidently so, this is the need of the hour to become aware of the changing conditions and of the fact that survival in the upcoming days is going to get tougher. It has been long that the talks are there that this would be an upcoming problem in this planet. But at this moment this is no more a problem for the future. And if the situation continues to be like this, I feel sorry to state that, the future of living organisms in this beautiful planet looks bleak.

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