RED FM partners with Election Commission of India for ‘Dabaa ke Bajaa’ Campaign

New Delhi, March 31, 2014: With an aim to encourage people to vote in the general elections 2014, India’s largest radio network, 93. 5 RED FM has associated with the Election Commission of India. The idea is to motivate more and more people to vote in the upcoming General Elections. RED FM will support the Election Commission of India in urging people, especially the first time voters, to come out on the polling day, and press the button of the voting machines to elect the 16th Lok Sabha.

image003 Under the association, RED FM will run a mega election awareness campaign– Dabaa Ke Bajaa!, through the entire duration of elections, to reach out to the masses.

Says Mr. Akshay Rout, Director General, Election Commission of India, “We are proud to have taken RED FM on-board to promote voter participation. With over 814 million registered voters this time, there is no better medium than radio to reach out to the masses and get them to cast their vote. RED FM with its stations across the country, and its substantial reach, will help us in connect with people, especially the first-time voters. It is very encouraging to see a private radio station show such tremendous enthusiasm to get maximum people to vote. We are focusing on enhancing voter participation in all the states and UTs and hope to achieve the same with support from all sections of people.”

‘Dabaa Ke Bajaa’ will have RED FM RJs represent themselves as ‘Youth Ambassadors’ of the Election Commission of India, in their respective cities. One RJ per city who is the youth ambassador will take up the responsibility of the entire population in his or her city and get them on board as a part of the electorate who will pledge to vote this time. A series of on-air and on-ground activities is being planned to engage with the listeners on the same.

Commenting on the association with Election Commission of India (ECI), Ms. Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 RED FM says, “Dabaa Ke Bajaa is our attempt at channelizing the image001energy of the people in all parts of India into one simple, and yet difficult act- pressing the button on the voting machine! We have partnered with the Election Commission of India to increase the voter turn-out in the upcoming General Elections, and we look forward to collectively mobilizing people, especially the youth, to come out and vote. RED FM, being the ‘Station for Expression’ has always encouraged people to come out and talk. But this time, talking won’t suffice- Button Dabao! We are proud to have associated with the Election Commission of India on this. The insights and associations that they bring to the campaign are invaluable. It is Red FM’s humble initiative to get people to vote and we are confident that we will play a valuable role in mobilizing them to come out and vote in unprecedented numbers.”

RED FM has planned a 360 degree marketing strategy for this campaign, including several innovative engagement initiatives on multiple platforms such as Print, Outdoor, Digital etc.

About 93.5 RED FM: Designing 93.5 RED FM, India’s Largest Radio Network* has always believed in philosophy and attitude of ‘Bajaate Raho!’ along with a music strategy of playing only Super Hit music, based on the internationally successful CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) format. In 2009, the brand was taken national in a first of its kind rebranding exercise, in which 38 stations under the S FM brand were rebranded to RED FM.

RED FM is known as the ‘Station for Expression’ to the common man and its famous tag line ‘Bajaate Raho!’ is already part of common parlance! One of the MOST AWARDED BRANDS in the industry, RED FM boasts of over 92 awards including the award for the BEST FM BRAND, BEST FM STATION, BEST RJs, etc.

(Press Release)

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