Hyderabad: Autumn Winter 2015 is an eclectic and sophisticated season for the 1Pepe Jeans London, as traditional British inspirations take on a new turn to make for creative and assertive style.

Ladies wear from the latest collection consists of 3 stylish new ranges.


Faded tones of blue bring an enhanced feminine touch to the collection, one built on rich outerwear pieces. Delicate embroidered tops nod to a romanticism, which is continued by fluid shapes of dress. Classic denim and faded washes complete the T-shirt and sweats line-up.

Downtown Spirit

The collection is about combining and reinterpreting quintessentially British style: the East London nightlife scene, the country life, and the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the Seventies. And it’s played out via checks; herringbones and wools, classic outwear garments and utilitarian looks. Add to that a military inspired colour palette, as well as a party spirit through splashes of gold, copper and metallic embroideries and embellishment.


Urban Getaway

Fluid, soft and rich designs coexist with leather jackets and washed denim fitted styles to express this. The already classic 73 colour palette – with its dark tones of black and midnight blues as its base – is reworked into dusty shades: storm blue, lilac and ivory.

 The Men’s range consists of a diverse and eclectic collection.

Indigo Essentials

In this vintage inspired denim story fabrics are the core of the collection. It consists of a variety of interesting textures and innovative indigo textiles prints. The colour palette comprises of saturations from bleached skies to the darkest indigos; and highlights of brick red and gold. Knits consist of washed jerseys, indigo dobbies, denim inspired graphics and fleece in suede.


Bohemian Rustic

The collection is essentially an ode to the great outdoors. The collection consists of rich flannels and twills with a lot of textured elements. Structured jackets in regular and reversible forms and washed cotton gilets are part of this great mountain escape.  The palette is primarily earth and spice inspired.

Classic Sport

The collection is very university inspired, with bright colours, embroideries, appliqués, and union jack inspired graphics. Polo styles and varsity jacket graphics are integral to this collegiate and sporty look. Colours are a mix of bright and classic tones, rugby greens, burgundies and rich classic navy with gold highlights.

Urban Rebel

Black continues to be the base colour of this collection which, this season, comes infused with a street style sensibility; watch out for quilted nylon bombers, and leather like biker and bomber jackets. Rocker, street inspired semi grunge t-shirts with spray finishes, subtle highlights in Rhine stones lend an evening touch.


Sports activities influence the direction of this collection this season with pieces prevalently in jersey and sweatshirt for a young and modern sartorial outlook inspired by the wardrobe of a student today. Garments are inspired by campus life, sports activities and classic uniform pieces. The guy who wears this collection is quick to pick his outfit from the closet, ready to run and have fun. The shirt range completes the offering – classic checks in conversational prints and, again, with the use of the shield motif as an emblem and patch.


About Pepe Jeans London:

Pepe Jeans London was founded in 1973 at a stall in Portobello Market (London) where its founders, the Shah Brothers, customized original jeans. A few years after their success, they bought several shops, becoming UK market leaders in the 1980s. A great product, good value for money and creative advertising campaigns have made Pepe Jeans a leading brand that is now present in over 60 countries in all five continents. Pepe Jeans entered the Indian market in 1989 as a denim and casual wear brand. The brand extended its product offerings and grew into a complete denim wear brand with denim jackets, shirts etc. along with its line of jeans. The company managed to get a dominant foothold in the Indian market over a span of 20 years and is one of the leaders in premium jeans and casual wear space. The brand has evolved today as a complete casual wear brand and sells everything one would associate with casual wear including casual cotton shirts, denim shirts, light-weight jeans, T-shirts, shirts, jackets and accessories such as duffel bags, caps and most recently, cotton casual pants. Its products are sold through 165 EBOs, over 1,000 MBOs and 150 plus large format stores

Sprightly Spirit

About Sprightly Spirit

“I dare do all that may become a man. Who dares more is none”. And all, may be. It may be the vigor. Or the spirit. Or the courage to avoid being “politically correct” or bent. And, ban all averse with immaculate overture of graciously fathomable words firm in views. Subtle. Justifying the undying conscience. Values. Knowledge. And, dares to stay true. True to own. True to the world. And, to the words. With a dream in eyes it exists. In you. In me. In all. The sprite that never shies away. The spirit that never dies!


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