Painting exhibition showcased Mother Daughter ‘Devotion to Krishna’

21 April, 17| Jaipur:

A 3-day painting exhibition themed on ‘Devotion to Krishna’ began today at Parijad hall- 2 Jawahar Kala Kendra.

The Guest of Honour during the inaugural session of exhibition was by Dr. Jayshree Periwal (Educationist & Director of Jayshree Periwal International School).

The mother daughter duo artists are Mrs. Sapna Fatehpuria & Ms. Aarushi Fatehpuria. The paintings on display are on Mother Daughter ‘Love & Devotion to Krishna’.

The exhibition will remain open till 23rd April, 17.

Artist quotes:-

This mother and daughter duo will be showcasing there artwork for the first time.

A devotee to lord Krishna, Sapna Fatehpuria says that “From my childhood I was influenced by the paintings of Krishna. Whenever I visited to Vrindavan, Iskon temple was my favorite place where these paintings caught my attention and further, motivated and inspired me. My work is a fusion art based on B.C Sharma’s work. He is one of the well known miniature artists who have poured the luminous spirit of past forming into the vibrant vessels of the present. My paintings are the expression of my devotion to lord Krishna. These paintings provide a glimpse into the magical life of Krishna; my work speaks about devotion, love and beauty uncluttered by the sectarian concerns and portrays a sacred theme, which virtually disappeared from the mainstream of modern art. “

Studying in Jayshree Periwal International School in grade 11th, Aarushi Fatepuria says that “Krishna is the symbol of love, calm and serenity. My motive to choose Krishna as a theme for my artwork is because I wanted to achieve the same calmness while painting Krishna. Since my childhood I have seen my mother’s strong devotion towards Krishna, the satisfaction and calmness with which she painted their sharp and beautiful features compelled me to do the same work but in a different form of art. Hence this was my inspiration of creating a series of abstract art of Krishna but in an unrealistic form.”

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