Celebrate ‘Dussehra’ Naturralle

Hyderabad 1st October, 2014: Naturralle Refined Sunflower Oil started a special initiative “Celebrate Dussehra Naturralle” to create fun and excitement during the ongoing Navratri & Dussehra festivals. The program has a specially designed stall at the prominent malls like RS Brothers & South Indian Shopping Mall at select locations in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad to distribute “Naturralle French Fries” which catered around a Lakh of People. Naturralle team will connect with people and celebrate the festivities during Navratri and Dussehra.

DSC_0012Speaking on the occasion Mr. Anjani Kumar Gupta, Director, SARL said “On the auspicious occasion of Navratri & Dussehra, Naturralle Refined Sunflower Oil aims to spread the message of “Celebrate Navratri & Dussehra Naturally” by informing the people to enjoy guilt free eating with Naturralle refined sunflower oil during the festive season as the brand brings the goodness of Omega 6 with Vitamin A,D & E, and cooks more food in less oil therefore providing the Taste of good health. Navratri & Dussehra is an occasion celebrated and revered by people in Telangana and we are happy to spread cheer through our products. This campaign is planned to create excitement and fun around this festival season.”

About Saraiwwalaa Agrr Refineries Limited (SARL): Saraiwwalaa is the only Edible Oil Company in South India to have more than 72 Variants under different Brands. Naturralle is the flagship brand of the company. Naturralle Refined Sunflower Oil & Sona Masouri Rice are amongst the top brands in AP and other states in India. Sre Krishna Gold & Krishna Brrand-R are the Market Leader’s in its segment in AP. All the products manufactured by the company are “Agmark” graded under license from Government of India. The company has two fully automated state of the art plants equipped with German Technology for Refining Edible Oils; one in Krishnapatnam (near Nellore) and the other in Maheshwaram (R.R. District).

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