Tribute to the Marshal of Indian Air Force: Arjan Singh

The sole Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Arjan Singh was born on April 15 1919 in Lyallpur, Faisalabad (now in Pakistan), who shaped the Air Force in its early years and in some of the most difficult moments passed away on 17th September 2017. One of the heroes of 1965 Pakistan war, Marshal Singh became the Chief of the Indian Air Force at the age of 44. On the occasion of the Republic Day of 2002 he was given the honorary rank, the Marshal of the Air Force, this is the highest military rank attainable.

Portraying a daunting personality, amiable attitude and a very calm temperament towards his duty Marshal Singh served the country being an Air Force Aviator for almost three Decades. Courageous, brave, a strategist, leader of men Marshal Singh has led by example in many wars by his strategical planning and awareness leading to success combats, including the 1965 Pakistan war.

With the legacy he leaves behind, which I don’t think could be imitated in the future, but if one has to look at the flare of integrity, fineness, valor and leadership Marshal Arjan Singh would be the perfect illustration. One of the legends of the Indian Air Force who will always be there in our hearts and whose tales of bravery will inspire many generations to join the Air Force and to feel Proud Being an Indian.  

He will be remembered always and will be greatly missed.

Souvik Guha

About Souvik Guha

Simple guy, sports enthusiast, fitness freak, outspoken, love to paint, Graduate in zoology and an defense aspirant.


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