Indrani, Sanjeev and driver in police custody as Sheena Bora’s murder shocks the nation

Indrani Mukherjea (right) with her husband Peter Mukherjea. ImageCourtesy:

Indrani Mukherjea (right) with her husband Peter Mukherjea. ImageCourtesy:

As facts unraveled, shock and dismay overpowered the murkiness in the appalling Sheena Bora murder case. The Mumbai Police on Wednesday, arrested TV honcho Indrani Mukherjea, her second husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai. Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria confirmed the arrests. The three have been sent into police custody and will be interrogated further.

Indrani’s third husband, Peter Mukherjea, who said he never knew Sheena was Indrani’s sister, told news channel Times Now in an exclusive interview on Thursday that he was completely in a state of shock and dismay having heard about the charges against his wife. Peter said he was clueless about Sanjeev and Indrani being in touch and was confused over what to believe and what not.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria also confirmed the fact that Sheena Bora was Indrani’s daughter from her first husband Siddhart Das and was not Indrani’s daughter, a fact many were shocked on learning.

The Investigation

Mr Maria also claimed that they had been investigating into this case for close to 3 months, ever since they were tipped off by an anonymous caller.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria then immediately ordered PI Dinesh Kadam of the Khar Police Station to look into the matter and investigate it. During the preliminary investigations, certain missing links dragged the point of suspicion towards Indrani. The police began to monitor Indrani without letting her know as she was visiting abroad at that time and the police feared she might not return on getting an air about it. While the cops waited for Indrani to return back, they also kept an eye on her driver Shyamvar.

Recently, when Shyamvar was arrested in connection with an illegal arms case, the police asked him about Sheena Bora, when a frightened Shyamvar confessed to his role in the murder case and revealed about the masterminds.

Indrani was picked up from her Worli residence and brought to Khar Police station, where Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria himself interrogated her. After initial refusals, Indrani eventually confessed after her driver was asked to give his testimony in front of her. She then told the police of the involvement of her husband Sanjeev Khanna, who was arrested on Wednesday.

The Murder In The Dark

The Mumbai police on Wednesday said Indrani Mukherjea murdered her own daughter Sheena Bora for being in a relationship with her husband Peter Mukherjea’s son from his first wife, Rahul Mukherjea. However, there are other possibilities too, why Indrani could have murdered Sheena.

According to the details, Sheena Bora was murdered in 2012 on the 24th of April by Indrani, her second husband Sanjeev and her driver Shyamvar.

Indrani called up Sheena close to Bandra’s National College. When Sheena refused to sit in the car on sighting Sanjeev on the rear seat, Indrani pulled her inside and left the spot. On the Eastern Express Highway, Sanjeev caught Sheena’s hands and Shyamvar held her feet, while Indrani strangled Sheena to death. The body was then taken to a rural place in Pen, where it was burned.

(with inputs from TOI and NDTV)

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