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Deliberately kept slow, Director Ribhu Dasgupta's 'Teen' is a test for your patience if you expect thrillers to be only racy. Co-produced by Sujoy Ghosh ('Kahaani'), comparisons become inevitable as this movie is also completely shot in Kolkata and two of the important leads star here too. But unlike 'Kahaani', 'Teen' is predictable. I guessed both the twists (pre-interval and climax). However, the build-up to the suspense is commendable and the director quite smartly resorts to a non-linear narrative halfway through the film. Even when you feel that you know what's coming up next, you wonder if you are going…
'Teen' is watchable and Big B's performance makes up for the sluggish pace.

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'Teen' is watchable and Big B's performance makes up for the sluggish pace.

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