Stephen King’s fans cheer up! ‘It’ sequel gets an official release date

Brace yourselves, Losers: Penny-wise the Dancing Clown is coming back for more. Following the massive box office success of Andy Muschietti’s feature film adaptation of ‘It’, New Line and Warner Bros. have announced that ‘It Chapter 2’ will float into theaters on September 6, 2019. Hell Yeah!

Details are sparse at the moment, but here’s what we know about the ‘It’ sequel: As promised at the end of ‘It’, the second chapter will pick up 27 years later, following the Losers’ Club as they each make their way back to Derry to confront the fear-eating evil that lurks in the sewers once and for all. The sequel will also dig into some of the deeper mythology of the Stephen King novel.

Last month, Muschietti told Chapter 2 will have a much darker tone. In King’s books, the timelines — of the Losers’ Club as kids in 1957 and when they return to Derry as adults in 1985 — are intertwined throughout the narrative. In Chapter 2, Muschietti would aim to do something similar, inter-cutting the events of the Losers as adults in 2016 with repressed memories from their childhoods in the 1980s. Of course book readers know that hidden in these repressed memories are the clues they need to defeat “It” for good.

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