Spectralhues speaks to ‘Gulaab Gang’ Director Soumik Sen

With his debutant movie ‘Gulaab Gang’ Director Soumik Sen enters into the list of   committed Directors in B’town. Journalist, writer turned film Director Soumik seems very confident after his striking women-oriented subject as directorial venture. In a candid conversation the young filmmaker talks about his journey with Spectralhues.


What was the major brainwave that made you incline towards direction?

My inherent desire to tell stories, storytelling is a passion and what I live by. 

What has been your inspiration?

As a director, my inspiration has always been Satyajit Ray. 

How would you describe yourself as a Director?

A human storyteller who likes to give people a great time when they come in theatres for 2 hours. 

Starting off your career in direction at a young age, was there any risk factor that worked at the back of your mind?

 I don’t think late 30s is young. (Smiles) but the risk factor has largely been that I have never been part of any film family, have no actors as friends, so all I had was in essence – a script, Which defines my ability to tell a story. 


How did ‘Gulaab Gang’ happen?

I was introduced to Madhuriji by her secretary. I had a script in place and narrated the same to her. It took her 3 meetings to say ‘Yes’. And without her nod this film would never have been made. Producers started getting interested only after that. 

Since Madhuri and Juhi were professional rival in their time, did it ever create any disturbance on sets?

Not at all. In fact their roles were etched definitively – as hero and villain. So they weren’t really competing for something in the film, but were pitted against each other.

Did you felt any differences in personality within your both lead actress while working?

Madhuri is certainly more relaxed and fun to work with. Juhi ji is more particular and pensive but that was largely because I was breaking her comfort mould for the first time ever. 

You were a writer and then you turned into director with ‘Gulaab Gang’. What’s been better and worse?

It’s wonderful because you now have control over performances, settings, style of telling a story which as a writer one may feel let down by. 

What kind of films do you prefer being a part of: commercial massy entertainers or critically acclaimed ones?

I will essentially be a part of stories that are novel and appeal to me and me ‘alone’. I will hope that audience who pay to come and watch it, will have a great time in the process, thus making ventures like these viable. Critics mean little. 

You have written the Kishore Kumar biopic about which you spoke to Ranbir Kapoor, any step ahead for the project?

Yeah it’s in progress as for now. Anurag Basu is directing that to be produced by Disney UTV.

Any plans for your next venture?

A few, including the biopic of Magician P C Sorcar.


Rapid Fire:

§  Biggest strength and weakness?

Strength – Imagination

Weakness – Ultra sensitive. 

§  A song I can’t resist grooving on?

U Wanna Be Starting Something’

§  What that one silly thing you’ve proud and why?

When I broke a line and threw my guitar to get it autographed by Mark Knopfler. And it is one of my proudest possessions today. 

§  Something you are guilty of?

Being a music snob. (Winks)

§  Last time you cried was?

Every time I watch the movie ‘Apu Trilogy’. 

§  A phrase you use quite often?

“Having said that…’

§ What motivates you to write the story?


§ Things that annoys me the most?

People who can’t stop talking about themselves.

§A bad habit?

info junkie.(Smiles)

§  Something that turns me off?


§  Most memorable moment in life till the date?

Watching tears of joy in the eyes of my loved ones after the first show of Gulaab Gang. (Smiles)

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