Zealous Passengers! Get Ready To Fly High With Forthcoming Hawaizaada

The man with the versatile persona, possessing a spectrum of skills such as that of anchoring, acting, and singing, is prepped to soar high into the boundless blue sky with his upcoming flick Hawaizaada.

HAWAIZAADAThe all rounder youth sensation Ayushmann Khurrana comes up with a bright beam of hope, post the debacle of his last movie Bewakoofiyaan at box office counters. The movie is being helmed by Saawariya writer Vibhu Puri and is based on the vivid life journey of an Indian scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, who is said to have made a mark in the golden history of Indian science by constructing the first ever unmanned airplane.

During the trailer launch event recently, the film’s lead reported, “After ‘Vicky’ Donor, Vibhu Puri (director) offered me this amazing story of an unsung hero. The way he has fictionalized it, the way he has taken the creative liberty and added his own flavor to the story of a guy who made world’s first aircraft is incredible. So, I think there was no plan, but yes, this will be an image change by default because I was playing a quintessential North Indian guy till now, and this time I am playing a Maharashtrian”.

The movie promises to take back the audiences in the ancient Bambai (Bombay) era of 1895. The trailer pictures Ayushmann as a geek, yet a person with high aspirations who not only dreams, but also works hard to achieve his life goals.

HAWAIZAADA posterIt showcases the story of an uncelebrated hero and the way he leaps into the toughest hurdles due to social inferiority gives viewers a complete idea of the period in which the incidences took place. Even the trailer shows a glimpse of patriotism by quoting, ’Dec 17, 1903, Wright Brothers flew the world`s first airplane in America, but eight years earlier this had already been done by an Indian’.

“Yes, ‘Hawaaizaada’ was a difficult film. It was as difficult as making the first aircraft of the world. The film took almost one-and-a-half years to complete,” adds Ayushmann.

After viewing this spellbinding trailer, it is time to say – Passengers, fasten your seatbelt as Hawaizaada is coming to take you all to a scientific yet realistic time period on 30th January 2015.

Rutuja Bhosle

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