Mystery behind Ed Sheeran’s Blue Kurta: SOLVED

Ed Sheeran just went seriously desi and stormed Mumbai with a guitar and a kurta! But have you ever wondered what made the ginger-haired singer go for an Indian makeover? Well, it has an interesting story behind it. Let’s find out what it is!

The eye-catching dupion silk blue Kurta was a part of a welcome gift hamper by Farzana Cama Balpande, who runs BookMyShow’s charity initiative BookASmile. A source close to the organisers revealed, “It wasn’t even originally a part of his performance wardrobe. It was gifted to Sheeran less than two hours before he took the stage.”And guess what? ‘The Shape of You’ hit maker instantly fell in love with the “desi” attire and decided to wear it for his weekend Mumbai concert.

Elaborating on how the kurta was inspired by his genre-defying third studio album ‘Divide’Cama Balpande said, “When Ed Sheeran performed in India for the first time in 2015, we noticed that he had worn a kurta. This time we decided to design and get one made for him, inspired by his album ÷ (divide). To give it a more Indian touch, his album name was written in Hindi at the back of the kurta. When we presented it to him, he was overjoyed and his reaction gave us hope that he may actually wear it for at least some part of his performance.”

“When he finally walked onto the stage wearing it, we were absolutely honoured and thrilled by his gesture. While he loved the entire hamper, we know the kurta was very special to him,” he added.

Well, India definitely fell in love with the Shape of Ed Sheeran in a kurta, and he should totally wear it elsewhere too.

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