Every Time It Rains by Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh’s new offering explores the possibilities of love and its consequences. The book talks about protagonist Laila who is yet to forget her painful past. Devastated and betrayed, Laila tried to overcome her past by immersing herself in work. Her business was doing great and she was to go national, when her life again turned upside-down by the entry of mischievous JD, a spontaneous, free-spirited young guy who promised to break her shell.

“Every Time It Rains is the story of every girl who has ever had her heart broken. And fallen in love again.”  

Walk down to nearest bookstore and get your pick before the shelves run out of stock.

Book Details:-        

Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishing Year: 2017
ISBN-13: 9789352643738 ISBN-10: 9352643739
Cover: Paperback No. Of Pages: 268
MRP:  Rs 199 Buy From:  Flipkart.com

Sprightly Spirit

About Sprightly Spirit

“I dare do all that may become a man. Who dares more is none”. And all, may be. It may be the vigor. Or the spirit. Or the courage to avoid being “politically correct” or bent. And, ban all averse with immaculate overture of graciously fathomable words firm in views. Subtle. Justifying the undying conscience. Values. Knowledge. And, dares to stay true. True to own. True to the world. And, to the words. With a dream in eyes it exists. In you. In me. In all. The sprite that never shies away. The spirit that never dies!


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