And Let There Be Light by Binduu Chopra

Are all our prayers answered?

The insights shared by the author, Binduu Chopra, in her book And Let There Be Light can naturally change the lives, in a simple way. As simple as the language the book is written in. There is ‘nothing that can hold anyone down.’ The limitations are only in the mind. And if the mind is kept open, the person will have the freedom to enjoy & celebrate life.

10573366_10152657991324543_582777905_nThe book talks about a journey from mundane life to living an awakened life. It is a book on self – development. It talks about the importance of one small word that one hears from childhood: ‘Self-Discipline.’ There are no hard and fast rules that one needs to follow, as each one has a different outlook. But there are certain things that each of us can do to create an atmosphere, not only to grow as individuals but together as a whole. Self Discipline is nothing but being aware of one self, in a meaningful direction with a better balance in understanding of life to be a happier individual.

The Author shares experiences with a hope that somewhere someone might be able to identity with them, and it may help them resolve issues, which if stay overtime in our minds & hearts can hamper our growth. The book engages you with various topics like peace, joy, death and wisdom and open the door to embark down a path for inner freedom.

Bringing the wisdom together from all her teachers the author writes that “The book is not a rule-book.” One must aspire, in a lifetime to change from the ordinary to become a beacon. An ordinary person only is like a lamp, but when touched with divinity, it transforms, it merges with all the powerful light of the Supreme and becomes a beacon to light up the entire world.

She dedicates the book to all the thinkers and mentors, as a token of her gratitude she met during her quest for knowledge, and her search for truth.

Coming soon from the house of Shambhabi – The Third Eye Imprint!

Kiriti Sengupta

About Kiriti Sengupta

Kiriti Sengupta is a bilingual poet and translator in both Bengali and English. He is the author of the bestselling title, My Glass Of Wine, a novelette based on autobiographic poetry. Kiriti’s other works include: My Dazzling Bards (literary critique), The Reciting Pens (interviews of three published Bengali poets along with translations of a few of their poems), The Unheard I (literary nonfiction), Desirous Water (poems by Sumita Nandy, contributed as the translator), Poem Continuous – Reincarnated Expressions (poems by Bibhas Roy Chowdhury, contributed as the translator), and Aay Na (Bengali free verses).


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