Viraj Mahajan’s debut book Derivation of Life explores reality of middle class

Debutant author Viraj J. Mahajan’s first book Derivation of Life talks about the reality of a middle class family and their quest to find happiness in day to day lives. The simple narration tells how unexpectedly life takes a drastic turn when they find out the medical condition of their second child.How protagonist Archana’s decision changes the life course of entire family. A heart-wrenching roller-coaster journey of Archana would surely touch many others.

derivation-of-life-400x400-imae2ngrfwvegyhhAn incredibly touching story with full of insight, the Derivation of Life tenderly tells how the love and the hope plays an important role in one’s life. It is a story about a mother, written from the perspective of a son who is remembering the days of his mother’s life which made her to take that drastic step which readers will understand when they embark their own journey with the characters and how one decision can make or break or influence people in the family.

The book which is said to be based on Viraj’s personal experiences while he was growing up in Ujjain, caught the right cord with the women who can identify the journey of womanhood and challenges young women face – the women who are craving for trust, support and love from their families.

A sensitive story, in the background of 90s, Derivation of Life, is full with struggle, passion and mystery from the opening page to the very end. It has every ingredient to keep the readers glued to the pages.

Viraj, a successful script writer for radio channel BIG FM, has taken a bold step to write something completely different with his debut novel. A sharply observed and brilliantly written story which often being too close to reality, needs to be read and re-read.

A strongly recommended book for young-adult, the 214-pages of Derivation of Life is a worth reading. It is also a book one can take up while travelling.

Book Details:

Author: Viraj J. Mahajan
Publisher: Notion Press Year of Publication: 2014
ISBN-13: 9789384391997 ISBN-10: 9384391999
Cover: Paperback No. of Pages: 214
MRP: Rs. 210 Buy From:


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