And Then She Said Yes! by Rajarshi Motilal

It is one of the accepted facts that a piece of creation has its origin in a real-life incident. And it applies to all sorts of creation, be it a book or be it a portrait. There has to be a touch of reality in it. And Rajarshi Motilal’s debut novel is a clear indication of that fact. Titled as “And Then She Said Yes!”, Rajarshi Motilal’s first novel portrays the life of a young guy with high aspirations. How he manages to go through different phases of life forms the crux of the 300-odd pages long novel.

The novel has in it everything one can ask for. Rejection, acceptance, betrayal and embrace, the novel lacks absolutely nothing. And this is something that no one can afford to miss out on. Most of the novels that come tend to deal with a similar sort of theme. But the difference between this one and many others from this romantic genre lies in the fact that “And Then She Said Yes!” has a touch of realism in it which most do not. And it is always an intriguing experience to come across a story that deals with characters very close to the real life characters.

So if you are thinking of getting hold of a new book and get a taste of real-life experience, go for this one. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see how life could turn out to be when put in testing conditions. It might just give you an idea how to handle it when you are in such a situation. The book is available in the all the popular offline bookstores besides the online ones. Go grab it before the shelves go empty.

Book Details:-        

Author: Rajarshi Motilal
Publisher: Frog Books Publishing Year: 2016
ISBN-13: 9789352017706 ISBN-10: 9352017706
Cover: Paperback No. Of Pages: 372
MRP: Rs 375 Buy From:
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