After the Crash by Michel Bussy

After the Crash by Michel BussyMichel Bussy’s ‘After the Crash’ is an intricate, complex and thrilling crime novel that takes us back to 1980.The periphery is intriguing with two families fighting over the custody of a child, the sole survivor from a plane crash on the Franco-Swiss border. The case takes eighteen years into the making, and even after that private detective Credul Grand-Duc having failed to solve the case decides to pull the trigger upon himself. But wait! He unearths a secret but is killed before he acts upon it.

The mystery is yours for the taking, grab a copy.

Book details:-

Author: Michel Bussy
Publisher: Orion Publishing Year of Publishing: 2015
ISBN-13: 9781474602044 ISBN-10: 1474602045
Cover: Paperback No. Of Pages: 400
MRP: Rs 399 Buy From:


Rit Chattapadhyay

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A student of literature, I was born in Kolkata, now, reside at Howrah. I completed my high school from St.Thomas' Church School Howrah,and then went on to study English Honours at Asutosh College. Presently, I am pursuing my Masters in English Literature from Calcutta University. Not an avid reader from childhood. My experience with literature intensified in high school and Asutosh College. I love reading works of literature and I am an amateur poet myself. My poems mainly highlight the agonies of modern existence and the complications of love. Being a very opinionated person, I bear distinct opinions about what I read.


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