Chetan Bhagat is back with new book ‘Half Girlfriend’


Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat is back with a new novel, ‘Half Girlfriend’, scheduled to be released on October.

Set in Bihar, the ‘Half Girlfriend’ is a love story between a eager boy and a half-girlfriend-chetan-bhagatreluctant girl.

Last night Chetan Bhagat tweeted, “Tomo. New book announcement. Super excited.(sic)” He further added, “Thank you God for taking care of me so far. Leaving tomorrow in your hands.(sic)”

Here’s the synopsis given by Flipkart on their site:

“Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy called Madhav. He fell in love with a girl called Riya. Madhav didn’t speak English well. Riya did. Madhav wanted a relationship. Riya didn’t. Riya just wanted friendship. Madhav didn’t. Riya suggested a compromise. She agreed to be his half-girlfriend.”

India’s most successful story-teller Chetan Bhagat’s new book is coming to the market after a gap of three years. Previously he had penned down five novels and all the five continue to be best-sellers. Chetan Bhagat has authored fiction novel so far: “Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT!” (2004), “One Night @ the Call Centre” (2005), “The 3 Mistakes of My Life” (2008), “2 States: The Story of My Marriage” (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011).

He has also written one non-fiction book, What Young India Wants, which is also a best-seller.

Most of Chetan Bhagat’s books have been adapted for the big screen. He has also debuted recently as a scriptwriter for Salman Khan’s blockbuster ‘Kick’.

The paperback edition of “Half Girlfriend” published by Rupa is available for pre-orders at Flipkart at Rs 149.

Book Details:-

Author: Chetan Bhagat
Publisher: Rupa Publication Year of Publication: 2014
ISBN-13: 9788129135728 ISBN-10 8129135728
Cover: Paperback No. Of Pages: 280
MRP: Rs. 176 Buy From:  


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