Celestial Hunt by Devikumar Ramalingam

If you are bore with same old college campus story then you must take time out from your busy schedule and do read debutant author DeviKumar Ramalingam’s sci-fi thriller ‘Celestial Hunt’. It brings fresh air with lots of powerful philosophical ideas and scientific imagination.

The Celestial Hunt is a thoroughly researched and well written book on universal theme. With easy writing style, dose of suspense and lots of positive vibe, the book offers extraordinary journey through Sangford’s mysterious book Providential Psyches. The readers will find it intriguing to find a glimpse of Nostradamus like prediction, a universal theme of time machine and mindless terrorism.

new cover cropThrough this book the author pursue peace and happiness all around. With bold philosophical senses behind, the author gives a strong message that the God will take birth in form of a divine man to restore humanity. And thus the ‘Celestial Hunt’; the author indicates a strong and powerful sequel of this ongoing story.

DeviKumar Ramalingam has successfully managed to blend imagination, philosophy, science and fiction in one tale. With easy narration and suspense style, the author keeps the readers glued to the pages and takes them through an incredible journey.

The outstanding explanation of ‘Nothing Controlling Everything’ or protagonist Jaidev’s speech on ‘India Minus Corruption’ are like an added bonus with the story. Every page of the book shouts positivity and it able to transfer it to readers’ mind.

Celestial Hunt is unique book which is out of the blue. The topic is indeed one of those which no regular author likes to explore. Yet, the debutant author Devi Kumar attempted this bold subject and for that the author deserves applauds.

Celestial Hunt is a recommended book for its impeccable details and great imagination. It is a perfect read for all season to enjoy breathtaking suspense and adventure till the end. Do take out sometime to read this amazing 86 page book that is not worth a miss.

Book Details of Celestial Hunt:-

Author: Devikumar Ramalingam
Publisher: Devikumar Ramalingam Year of Publication: 2014
File Size: 575 KB ASIN B00ID4UE7Y
Cover: eBook (Kindle Edition) No. Of Pages 86
MRP: Rs. 139 Buy From: Smashwords
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