Avantika Debnath makes scintillating debut with novel “The Bridal Pyre – Nainam Dahati Pawakah”

Avantika Debnath’s debut novelThe Bridal Pyre – Nainam Dahati Pawakah” has hit the book stores and already met with rave reviews from critics who hailed it as a “fantastic attempt”.

Having written widely in various websites, and print media, and being a regular contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series, it was Avantika’s first solo novel.

The story is revolved around Meera who is just another contemporary woman in Kolkata, studying, working, and dreaming of a beautiful home. One dotting husband-that’s all.

the-bridal-pyre-nainam-dahati-pawakah-400x400-imaeajp4eztanzjpMeera was married off to an NRI Software engineer, but soon she realized that this marriage was her destitute. She was harassed day in and day out for being a modern educated start woman by her in-laws. Soon this harassment turned into mental and physical torture to fish out money from her retired father’s bank account to provide for the U.S returned son-in-law’s education, fashion, and lifestyle. Meera, as advised by her mother – girls need to adjust a little after marriage – adjusted to every turn life took. The only turn she couldn’t adjust was the turn of two staircases where she lied helpless while her child fled out of her womb as thick blood drenching her yellow tant saree red. This was the turning point of her life. She stood up. One against all. She wanted justice for the child she never saw, and the humiliation her parents faced through the eleven months of her matrimony. But she was ambushed by all those who were supposed to rescue the ones in despair. The police department, the lawyers, the judges, politicians, big businessmen, media houses either waylaid her or proved utterly futile in serving justice.

Avantika adds a little bit of everything into the book. There’s drama, helplessness, determination, love, confusion everything. But the best thing about the book is the stark reality.

Book details:-

Author: Avantika Debnath
Publisher: Omji Publishing House Year of Publishing: 2015
ISBN-13: 9789384028473 ISBN-10: 9384028479
Cover: Paperback No. Of Pages: 256
MRP: Rs 175 Buy From:  Flipkart.com

You can also buy the book from Infibeam.com

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