Rendezvous With Preeti Singh, The Author Of ‘Flirting With Fate…’

Preeti Singh, a quintessential Chandigarh woman, makes her sizzling debut in the world of books with an excellent crime novel ‘Flirting with Fate’. Preeti Singh who always likes to write straight from her heart, has been a freelance writer for the last 15 years. Along with reading and writing, Preeti also loves to hear music, watching movies and nagging her teenage daughter.

We, at Spectralhues got in touch with Preeti Singh. In a lovely conversation with Susmita Bose, the promising author talks about her book, inspirations and her future plans.

Congratulations on the release of your first book “Flirting With Fate…”  Tell us briefly about the story…

It’s a soul searching journey which will compel you to feel and think about Karma Returning which is the message given by the book. Through the pages you will see how the protagonist, Anand, is deprived of love and acceptance by all around him……and slowly he falls down to pathetic crimes and well planned murders escaping the law. But can he escape his fate? That’s what needs to be discovered… we reap what we sow.

The current trend in India is to debut with safe stories especially love stories around the college campuses.  Is there any special reason for you to debut with crime novel?

I just wanted to try something different than the ordinary. I knew I was taking a risk especially since the book is based in the 80s with no mobiles and laptops…..but then I like accepting challenges.

What kind of response you are receiving?

I was writing with a 30 -40 age group audience but I am overwhelmed when I get positive feedbacks from 14 yr olds till 84 yr olds who can feel somewhere connected with the characters in my book. Someone …somewhere feels they have undergone the same emotions of lust…anger…fear…hatred…love.

The title is very interesting. How did you hit upon it?

I wanted a short title which would leave an impact. ‘Flirting With Fate’ came to mind –to connect with the younger generation who believe in flirting plenty and the seniors who connect with Fate and destiny.

How long it took to finish the book?

I began the book 5 years ago….but in between lost hope of ever becoming an author. But circumstances ignited the fire within me again to fulfill my dream.

What kind of supports you are getting?

Friends and co authors have been most supportive. Guiding me how to market the book …sharing my links on their pages and being kind enough to pass the word around.

Preeti Singh

Who are all the persons who you think have contributed to the book directly or indirectly?

Close friends and family who have supported me and bore up my various moods while I scribbled my pages. Facebook has played a major role in connecting me with the world and of course Mahaveer Publishers who gave me a platform to kick start my career as an author.

Coming back to your book, is the protagonist Anand based on real person known to you?

Yes and NO……Yes …because shades of Anand’s character is sketched  on men who I have known…men who caused me pain and loving moments…men who left an impact on my life. No ..because Anand is a murderer and I have not encountered such a psycho in my life yet !! Neither would I like to !!

You have sensitively portrayed Anand’s journey. Anand reminds us ourselves in every bit. It was like our own journey with love, passion, hatred, lust, fears and desires. Was it easy or difficult for you to live with ‘Anand’ in his journey?

This was the biggest challenge…to write like a man…to feel a man’s desires…angst etc—especially being a woman. A lot of research went in this aspect—asking my close male friends about feelings….lust…desires …and then Anand was born.

In reality how much do you believe in Karma? Do you believe our Karma decides our fate? definitely does. I often experience it in my daily life. If I hurt someone intentionally…it instantly returns and I get hurt too…somehow. Karma definitely returns, no doubt.

What message you want to convey to your readers through your book?

That WE ALL REAP WHAT WE SOW….so keep your Karma clean…it always returns. Like bad karma comes back…so does good karma. We have one life….let’s make it flawless and sin free.

Signing The Book: Preeti Singh

You are writing for the last 15 years. Why it takes so long to come up with your debut book?

I have been writing as a passion all along, but the day I left my abusive marriage I made my passion into my profession. You can browse through my passion at ….I wrote a book as its always the zenith…the dream of any writer to author a book. I just fulfilled mine.

Tell us about your future plans? Have you started writing for your next book?

I live for THE NOW !! Who knows ‘kal ho na ho’…..!! I have not thought of the next book…am still in the euphoria of the debut one reaching far and wide……I have no desire to be part of the competitive rat race….coz am happy where Karma has got me.

And finally, any message for Spectralhues readers…

You guys rock !!!…Stay blessed…!!

Thanks Preeti for your time. We will surely meet again! Wish you good luck for your future endeavors.

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