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Tanmay Kulshrestha is yet another engineering student turned writer but there’s a lot more to him than the same tag line of so many authors these days. At present he is third year student of engineering in IT from KIIT, Orissa. ‘The Meth’ is an attempt by him in order to make the young masses realize the effects of ‘drug addiction’. The title is drawn from the drug ‘Methemphetamine’ due to which love and life get lost.

In a chit chat with Harshita Srivastava, he talks about his experience with the pen and his opinion on drug addiction.

The Meth, book by Tanmay KulshreshthaCongratulations on your book release 🙂 How does it feel hold this book in your hand?

Thank you so much. It feels great to hold your own book. A sense of victory sanitizes within you, a reluctant smile automatically comes grasping out the heart and a shadow of innumerable hopes cast out a sense of exaggeration within you ,an exaggeration which can lime out your life. An exaggeration because you have done something different. An exaggeration which rises up when you are appreciated , and then you are left within nothing other than thanking everyone, the people, the readers, The GOD and Most importantly your parents. I would like to add your name to the same as well.

From engineering to writing, how did the change come over you?

Engineering has always been a limelight of growth of the present society. But I can not call this a change, engineering also interests me equally at times, I still give my exams, study sometimes, write for most of the time. It has actually boosted up my confidence in everything which includes engineering as well.

‘The Meth’, an intriguing title, how did you hit upon it?

The Meth when a lie takes away a life, portrays realism which centralizes on the harms and concerns associated with the drug ‘Methemphetamine’. Drug penalizes life. The message clearly stalks around the harms associated with the consumption of this deadly drug, a drug which has affected thousands of lives on this planet Earth, a drug which has caused millions of love stories to end up on a defying note, a drug which has always won over the person. The title ‘The Meth’ is obvious.

It is said that in order to be a good writer, you need to be a voracious reader. Do you agree?

I do not think that you need to be a good reader. There are great authors who have hardly read any book in their lives before they wrote there first book. The main thing is that, you need to have a heart , a soul that speaks out and thoughts that flaws of your mind endlessly. You need to think from the heart. If you have the capability of intriguing yourself into and as the central character of the story then you would end up writing up a heart throbbing book.

Most of the debut authors come up with campus romance but you’ve written on drug addiction. Weren’t you apprehensive of the fact that the book might not click with your readers?

I was apprehensive about writing something that I would love to write, college , love, romance, relationship, is the life of a youth in the present and realistic world just stuck to these four terms. Aren’t there other things in college that effects adversely and creates loopholes in the students, love, life and career. I was sure that people would love to read on the realistic issues related to college life.

As a debut author, what were the hardships you had to face while getting your book published?

I never knew that whatever I was writing was worth publishing at all. I was just writing and writing without even thinking of the scope of getting published. Two years before when I saw any book on the stire, I just imagined that I could be one of them. This realistic imagination came true by God’s Grace.

Though I did not have to face stones to get my book published. I would like to thank my Publisher ‘Mahaveer Publishers and the entire team of ‘THE METH’ whose support was vehement. To this list I would also like to add the name of ‘Shubhra Singh’ who edited the entire book before the final submission, she is a student from KIIT itself, and a hidden talent that has to light up into the world very soon. She is an awesome editor and a great person to work with.

How has your experience been with your present publisher?

In the professional era of the present world where Publishers generally hampers the books of the Debut Authors and if either they accept they give least concerns to that, Mahaveer Publishers is a publishing house which not only appreciates the efforts of the debut authors but works along with them endlessly to make the authors dream a reality. My experience with the present publisher has been great.

What does Tanmay like doing when he is not writing? 🙂

When Tanmay is not writing, he likes to work for the college events, chatting , travelling, listening to music.

If you are placed in Arush’s shoes, would you stop taking drugs if a girl like Trisha stopped you?

When we are in the cage of drugs especially Meth, your thoughts, your decisions seems feeble, this is because the drug has a better control on you in comparison to your mind. Thus had I been in Arush’s place it would have been quite tough for me to stop drugs.

What is your view on drug addiction and rehabilitation centers in India?

Drug addiction is an uninformed boon in India among the teens and youth. The traditional values imparted on the children in India keep them away from lubricating their minds about the harms associated with the Drug Addiction, in consequent when they are exposed to such things, most of them out of stress or any other reason falls to these drugs and then becomes an addict. Rehabilation centers in India do not work with a feeling to eradicate drug addiction to the fullest.

Tanmay Kulshrestha interview

Tanmay Kulshrestha

Writing- a hobby or profession?

A hobby which is slowly carving into a profession.

Are you working on a second book? Do tell us something about it.

Yes, I am presently working on two books, out of which one is Love vs Friendship, which is a story connecting every teenager or youth around us and another is a nonfiction, The GOD of Humanity which is actually a Biography on Dr. Achyuta Samanta , founder KIIT and KISS.  

Is there any message you would like to give your readers?

Yes, I would like to appeal all the readers to not to take drugs in any form because they would just lead you to destruction of your career, your relationship and your life. STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!!

Spectralhues thanks Tanmay Kulshrestha for his time and wishes him all the very best for his future endeavors and hopes he would come up with many more remarkable books.

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