Exclusive Interview With Bestselling Author Nitya Prakash

A versatile personality, Nitya Prakash is a writer, banker, management guru, investment consultant, software engineer and motivational speaker, in one body. After completing Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management, Lucknow boy Nitya Prakash chose a career in Banking Industry. He became a successful banker with ICICI Bank, although he wanted to be a Software Engineer in his childhood. He left banking job in 2011 to pursue his secret dream – to become a successful writer. In the same year he founded his own company ‘Creative Ecstasyin India’. Currently he is busy writing the screenplays for Movie Production Houses in Hollywood and Bollywood. NityaPrakash also writes for News Laundry.

Nitya Prakash has written three novels ‘Dear, I Hate You’, ‘R.I.P. In the Name of Love’ and ‘Little Lucknow’ so far. Currently he is working on his fourth novel – ‘MAYA’.

We, at Spectralhues got in touch with Nitya Prakash. Here are some excerpts from an interview he gave to Susmita Bose.

Congratulations Mr. Nitya Prakash, on the release of your third book “Little Lucknow”. What kind of response have you been receiving?

Thank you so much. To this point it has been the overwhelming response from my readers.  I have written books that could be controversial, and not all of my opinions are going to align with those of my readers.  But it’s a vote of confidence for me that people can get on my website/fan pages, share their comments and opinions about my writing, and we can have some really great discussions.  Moreover, I developed a good fan following fairly quickly that I never anticipated.

What motivated you to write “Little Lucknow “? How difficult was it to frame Kapil’s character?

Since I gathered wisdom to think about the way kids behave, I was always fascinated with the belief that I have something worth sharing about child psychology with the wider world around me. Kapil’s character is somewhere very close to me and my childhood, so writing Kapil was not difficult.

You have chosen this novel to be published online via Amazon & Smashwords? Any particular reason…

A platform like Amazon or Smashwords helps to get an instant reaction from the readers all over the world. Accordingly I improved my book prior to its release in India. Now, the book is being released by Parlance Publishers in India.

Tell us briefly about your journey from a Lucknow boy to become a successful writer?

It’s been an incredible journey (and not always an easy one). Allah called my father to rest in peace when I was two years old. I never had any interest in what other boys of my age were into. No cars and no action man figures. It was all about the books for me. At the age of eleven I wrote my first article for The Times of India. After completing my formal education I started my career with MicroSave (A Bill & Melinda Gates foundation company) and then I worked for a couple of years in ICICI Bank as an International Trade Finance Manager. But, I never found myself in the medium; it was too scattered for me. My professional writing journey started with writing research papers on microfinance and then Dear, I Hate You. My first novel was a tribute to my girlfriend who passed away in a car accident and it fetched immense love and respect from the readers and critics.

‘Little Lucknow’s Kapil or ‘Dear, I Hate You’s Nitin who is close to you and how much these two characters resemble with Nitya prakash?

I write about life and all my books are semi-fiction; with 80% life (about me and my experiences) and 20% fiction.

How would you describe the varied experiences of writing in so many genres—fiction, thriller and the latest one based on child psychology?

I love experimenting with my life and also my books. It is assumed that an author understands that he is writing for his readers not for his own fascination and every time my readers want new stuff from me. My first novel was a romantic fiction, the second one was a thriller, the third one was on child psychology and the fourth one is a paranormal research work. Fortunately for me, experimenting to explore the creative ideas I didn’t even know existed is easy. I just have to do something new.

How Creative Ecstasy India happened to you…was it a calculated risk?

Online Advertising, Corporate Training and Marketing when combined with Brand development present excellent opportunities to entrepreneurs. Keeping this in mind, I launched Creative Ecstasy, to cater those needs of an organization. Running a business isn’t easy and it is never a calculated risk. With customers to deal with, clients contacting you at any hour of the day, products to maintain and possibly even staff to manage, operating a business is very intensive. You may be technically minded, but running a profitable business is a different thing altogether. We reached our breakeven point after two weeks of its inception.

Do you think that today’s young generation is more dynamic in their decisions and ideas and follow their heart vigorously?

Many young people are living in the future. Their values, attitudes and behavior are more in line with the way the world will work in future, than the way it works today. Their ideas are at the forefront of fundamental changes occurring to a greater or lesser degree in many western countries, as we move from an industrial to a post modern world. This is not to say that all young people are riding on the crest of the wave of change: they are not. Many are in danger of being left on the rocks, and unless our social institutions can respond effectively to the changes now, those people could be left behind. While the final shape of the future is far from clear we can already see some of the changes which will take us there and some of the characteristics it may have.

I have heard that you are busy writing screenplays for Movie Production Houses for both Hollywood and Bollywood? Tell us briefly about the experience…

When most people think of working in movies, they picture the red carpet, the glitz and glamour, flashbulbs going off like fireworks on Diwali. Well, working in movies is just like that – without the red carpet, the glitz and the flashbulbs. It is a grueling assault on your mind and body. It is a high-pressure, six-days-a-week war that will test your limits and still demand more. A few weeks into a shoot you forget the rest of the world even exists – it’s simply you and whatever it is that you were told to do. But yes the experience is terrific as I am learning new things every day.

Tell us about your upcoming book ‘MAYA’?

Maya is a paranormal fiction and it is the first novel based on Bhangarh, the ghost town of Rajasthan. This is my most challenging project as the book demanded research, time and dedication.  

Which are the books that have influenced you in life? Who is your favorite author?

Books are possibly my favorite thing ever. Looking at my book shelf now is like looking at a little timeline. Each book reminds me of what was going on in my life at the time. When I was younger I fell in love with Fredrick Forsyth’s “The day of the Jackal” and that book really kick started my love of reading. The conspiracy plot in the book was great. Oh no, I really want to list all the books on my shelf but that will just take forever. I have more than 4500 books in my personal library. I am a diehard fan of Fredrick Forsyth, Agatha Christie and Ruskin Bond. The top five books, I would like to recommend from my book shelf are: The day of the Jackal by Fredrick Forsyth, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie, The Sensualist by Ruskin Bond and Srimad Bhagwat Gita by Ved Vyasa.

What kind of message you want to pass on to the readers through your books?

Most writers claim they write only to entertain, and yet messages do creep into our books whether we will it or not. I don’t write just to entertain but to write the stories I want to read, stories that no one else has written. And still, the messages are there: nothing is as it seems, we are not necessarily who we think we are, history did not necessarily happen the way we think it did, and what we see is not necessarily the truth. But all that was more of a side effect. Mostly I just wanted to write good stories with good characters that I would have loved to read.

Who are all the persons who you think have contributed to your books directly or indirectly?

Everyone – my family, my teachers, my friends and my readers. Today, we are in constant contact with our fans and they are as much a part of my family as my family is. Just like with any friend, we share laughter and tears and encourage each other. They touch me deep in my heart and I adore all the smiles they give me. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t choke up from their thoughtfulness. It can be a simple statement of, “Love your books” or the photo of someone with a tattoo of my books, a quote from the series or a photo of my books sitting on your shelves. I love the glimpses into their lives. I cherish every one and they all inspire me to write.

Banker, investment consultant, software engineer, motivational speaker, management guru, Writer… what next? 🙂

Even I don’t know! I believe that success is a never ending journey so no ultimate ambition but yet I aspire to be a statesman in the future.

What is the best tip that you can give to the aspiring authors?

Yes, I would just forward what I was advised by an eminent person, the first and the foremost is that first read a hundred books before writing a book. Reading good authors gives an insight to the essence of writing. Today, with 3 novels and 6 text-books under my belt, I think writing is really tough and I have a deep appreciation for those who choose to do it as a full-time job. It’s amazing how much goes on behind the scenes when publishing a book. The number of people who are there to tear your work apart and build it back up into something even better is amazing. It’s a tough process, but I encourage everyone to give it a try…at least once.

Lastly how much do you believe in destiny?

I do believe in destiny. Destiny is all about being in the right place at the right time, and doing the right thing. It is not enough to work hard, you have to work smart. On the other hand if your Dad is a millionaire, it doesn’t matter even if you are an uneducated, unintelligent fool. You will still probably get your family business, and be rich. But then it all depends on what you do after that. Manage the business well, or run it to the ground? There are several paths for you to choose in life, what changes your life is what path you choose. That decides your destiny.

Any message to the readers of Spectralhues?

The real world is complicated. Don’t seek simple answers. Seek instead complete answers. Don’t be satisfied with what people tell you. Always look for the full picture, and discard everything that does not meet the test of logic and reason. Always strive towards a greater understanding of the world, without settling for dogma or over-simplicity. Every action has a consequence. And always remember that you are free – and with this freedom comes the necessity, burden and power of choice. Happy Reading! 🙂

That was Nitya Prakash! While talking to him, we realize that there is no secret to success. Dedication, hard work and honesty have made Nitya Prakash to achieve success in life. Spectralhues is wishing him all the best for his future endeavors.

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