Exclusive Interview With Abhishek Agrawal, Author Of ‘Sorry For Loving You’

Abhishek Agrawal, born in Bhilai but was moved to Raipur for finishing school. While studying B.Com he takes up writing. ‘Sorry for loving you’ is Abhishek Agrawal’s debut novel. Abhishek always dreams enormous & had the zeal of concurring the entire era with his words. His second Novel, “For Getting The Unforgettable” is also ready for its release. His aim was to give a message to the society through his Novels. He has created his official website and for the further details one can visit www.sorryforlovingyou.com . He can further be contacted at contact@sorryforlovingyou.com  and Fcebook as well.

In a candid rendezvous with Susmita Bose, Abhishek reveals lot about himself and his book. Spectralhues wishes him glorious success and hopes he would come up with many more remarkable books.

Did your life change after released of your debut novel ‘Sorry for loving you’?

Yes, my entire life has been changed. Being an Author is a biggest part for me. This time I am not standing in the queue rather than on the hall of fame. As its true earlier nobody takes notice of me but now when I walk in posh areas people surrounds me for my autograph and photograph. It feels great when out signature turns into our autograph. The journey from rags to riches is completely different for me. I still miss my first autograph which I have signed for a boy of 19 in Delhi metro. The feedback filled my E-mails. I have heard that people gift my book as a present to their near and dear ones. I still remember the time when I was a student in a school and now after 4 years I was a guest in the same place.

What kind of response you have received?

I have received a terrific response. I have never thought that I will receive such a huge response. People read my book thrice.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I believe that Love is the most important pat in everybody’s life. It’s a God’s gift but now a days due to ill effects of betrayal and dishonesty people use to lose their best feelings for their love. So, this book deals with the changing era among youths which raise a message as Love in not everything.

Are the central characters like Aditya, Chahat and Vineet are based on real persons known to you?

Actually some part of the story is true and some parts are fiction. So, same applies to the characters as well. Actually I created them and then decided their journey.

Was it a fiction story or diary of an author? 🙂

It won’t be wrong if I say both the options are partially correct, as it’s not exactly the author’s story but rather than it’s a fiction.

The climax is very sensible and unpredictable. How did you come up with this?

As seen every coin has two sides and same goes with love. It has both positive and negative aspects with it. And it is up to us that we have to choose the positive aspects only. But in this changing era peoples get diverted towards the negative aspects and destroy their life. So, I created the climax in such a way that people will get inspired and take their life back into the track.

How was your experience with your publisher?

Mahaveer Publishers supported me a lot. It was the days when I had my book in my hand and hope in my heart to get my book published and it was MP who selected my manuscript and replied within 24 hours. MP is co operative and understanding.

What kind of supports you are getting?

Outstanding, will be inadequate word. I have never estimated that I will receive such a response. My eyes filled with tears when I have seen a boy’s profile in which he has mentioned my name in the people who inspires him.

How the writing happen to you? Tell us more about yourself?

I was fond of writing something. I use to write plays and dramas in my school and even continue it in the college as well. So, my passion turned into my profession. And basically I am from a business back ground so I will also looks after my business as well. But writing comes first.

Do you find writing easy or difficult?

Just writing a book is itself is a toughest job but then also this novel is very much attached to me, whatever I had written I have given my everything, I have embedded equal amount of emotions in each and every part of this Novel. While writing one needs to take care of language, flows, emotions and lot more things and the biggest thing is the one who will be there who forces you to push and write. It is very difficult to enclose your writings in 70,000 words and then renovate the same into chapters. According to me we have to keep in mind the reader’s interest as what are their expectations from the Author. And finally Writing is difficult but the most difficult thing is to get your work published under a brand name. It was itself a reward for anyone if your work gets published nationally.

Besides writing what other things interest you?

Besides writing I spent most of the time in my office (a manufacturing and a trading concern of iron and steel) I am fond of swimming, horse riding, playing football, volleyball, blogging and lot more. Well in my leisure time I love to play the keys of Casio and beat the drums.

Tell us something about your future plans? When can we expect see an Abhishek Agarwal book in the stall?

Future is uncertain so, I can’t predict much about it but still I can say that your expectations are right and very soon you will be looking my second Novel occupying the book shelves in the book stores.

What is will be the topic of your next book?

This time my readers will get disappointed as my readers demand a sequel of “Sorry For Loving You”. But I promise to give it in a very short period of time but intervening that I want to tell that my second Novel “For Getting The Unforgettable” is about to welcome this winters and it deals with the struggles in Love and youth life. This book is also a dedication for all those peoples who have lost their near and dear ones in Mumbai Bomb Blast. That’s all I can tell about my upcoming Novel. I also want to share that soon my readers will get a surprise in the form of a Hindi translation of my debut Novel “Sorry For Loving You”.

Any message for the Spectralhues readers …

I would like to tell my readers that try to take out a new lesson from your daily life as it has a lesson to teach and a story to tell. Don’t shed your tears and don’t even cry who was not yours but always cure in Love. I wish you luck and success for your future.

Thank You Abhishek for your time, wish you all the best for your forthcoming projects.

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